Certificate in Sales and Customer Development

The Certificate in Sales and Customer Development prepares undergraduate students for careers in the highly professional and dynamic field of sales. Through the certificate's required coursework and internship, students gain vital skills as well as knowledge of current best practices in the sales profession and sales management. This certificate will serve as tangible evidence of a strong background in sales for potential employers.

Students who finish the 13 credit-hour curriculum will receive the Certificate in Sales and Customer Development upon completion of their bachelor's degree.


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Required Courses (9 Credit Hours)

A minimum overall 3.20 GPA is needed in these three courses:


MRKTNG 3410: PERSONAL SELLING (3 Credit Hours)*

Modern selling methods that focus on solving customer problems rather than using manipulative techniques. Principles underlying the sales process. Practical methods for building long-term customer relationships in business-to-business contexts are emphasized. Co-requisites: MRKTNG 3000 and junior standing.  

MRKTNG 4420: SALES MANAGEMENT (3 Credit Hours)*

Methods and tools employed by salespeople and field sales managers; emphasis on underlying behavioral and quantitative theory. Prerequisites: MRKTNG 3000 and junior standing.


Emphasis on the analytics approach to sales. Reflects the overall trends in business practice, and specifically in the world of sales with increasing reliance on Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. Prerequisites: MRKTNG 3410 and junior standing.   

Elective Course (3 Credit Hours) - Choose ONE


MRKTNG 4220: CONSUMER BEHAVIOR (3 Credit Hours)**

Dimensions of the consumer market and decision-making process of consumers; analyzing economic, psychological and socio-psychological influences on consumer market and buying behavior. Prerequisites: MRKTNG 3000 and junior standing.  

MRKTNG 4250: RETAIL MARKETING (3 Credit Hours)**

Strategies, policies, tactics, and procedures of marketing in a retailing environment. Prerequisites: MRKTNG 3000 and junior standing.  


Challenges, problems, and strategies specific to marketing in service industries. Topics include the unique characteristics of services and managing service-oriented businesses; service design and service recovery and others. Prerequisites: MRKTNG 3000 and junior standing.


Design, coordination, and management of marketing communications. Focus on the role of integrated marketing communications in the overall marketing process, with emphasis on advertising and sales promotion strategies and tactics. Prerequisites: MRKTNG 3000 and junior standing.  


*Course offered in the fall and spring semester  

**Course offered in the fall, spring, and summer semester

Internship Requirement 

Students must complete at least one credit hour for a supervised internship (summer or regular semester) that consists of primarily Business-to-Business (B2B) sales and a minimum of 120 hours on-the-job experience. This credit hour can be earned in any college at Mizzou. Internships that qualify for this certificate will need to be approved by the program coordinator as a part of the certificate application process.

  1. Many Trulaske College of Business students will be able to satisfy the internship requirement by completing a suitable internship under the college’s BA 4500 requirement. If a student has already completed BA 4500 with an internship that does not meet the B2B sales setting requirements of this certificate program, that individual would be advised to register for one credit hour under MRKTNG 4185 Problems in Marketing** for an internship that would qualify.
  2. All majors should contact the program coordinator regarding the internship component.


For students starting at Mizzou before Fall 2017 the required coursework is MRKTNG 3000, MRKTNG 3410, AND MRKTNG 4420 with a minimum overall GPA of 3.0.  

Application Deadlines

Come by 402 Cornell Hall and fill out the application form. Please submit it no later than the cutoff date in the semester of your graduation:

  • Spring - May 1
  • Summer - July 31
  • Fall - December 1