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School of Accountancy

Join the competitive and rewarding field of accounting – and get an advantage at Mizzou. Students in the School of Accountancy acquire practical experience in the field of accounting, join helpful student organizations, and may access substantial financial aid, all in a degree that is nationally recognized for excellence.

The school’s educational mission is to provide students with the knowledge, learning capabilities, and personal and professional skills necessary to excel in professional and academic careers. The school’s research mission is to create economic and social value through the discovery, application, and dissemination of knowledge related to accountancy theory, practice, and education. The school is committed to maintaining a close relationship with the accounting profession and to fulfill its service responsibilities to the academic community and society.

On-Campus Degrees

The 150-Hour Program - combined BSAcc / MAcc degree

This program merges a Bachelor of Science in accounting and a Master of Accountancy into an integrated 150-hour curriculum (to be entered into as a junior). The curriculum provides students with a strong technical accountancy background, a broad advanced business background and professional skills such as public speaking and information systems skills.   Learn More. 

PhD Program in Accountancy

The purpose of our PhD program is to train and prepare students for academic careers at institutions having research and teaching missions.  We focus on training students for state-of-the-art archival research, and we encourage joint research projects with our faculty. The typical time to complete the degree is four to five years.   Learn More.

Master of Accountancy - MAcc

With a strong demand for accountants, a Master of Accountancy (MAcc) degree is the premier avenue to connect you to a high demand field. The Master of Accountancy is available to you 100% online OR 100% on-campus and provides access to our team of nationally ranked faculty.   Learn More.


Accountancy prepares students for the competitive field of accounting with a combination of classroom study, practical experience, and student organizations, all in a degree that is nationally recognized for excellence. The bachelor of science and master’s of accountancy degree programs are merged into an integrated 150-hour curriculum to be entered into as a junior. 

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Trulaske Edge

Participation in the program is a graduation requirement. Coupled with a rigorous business curriculum, Trulaske Edge aids in producing Trulaske College of Business graduates who excel in competitive business environments.

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Minors and Certificates

The Trulaske College of Business offers a number of minors and certificate programs that students can choose from. These additions help students to create a degree program that best suits their future. 

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Applying to college can be very overwhelming, let alone discussing the cost of attending. Fortunately, the Trulaske College of Business offers and accepts a variety of different scholarships to help ease your transition into college.

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Accountancy Newsmagazine

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