BA 4500 Internship Course

BA 4500 is a requirement to graduate from the Trulaske College of Business

Students in the Trulaske College of Business are required to complete an internship. While working at an internship site, the student is enrolled in a course (BA 4500) that helps guide the student's professional development. Internships are a chance for students to develop professional experience in the business world and hone their professionalism. We ask that internships consist of significant, professional responsibilities similar to those of a full-time college graduate in a business field. Students must have regular face-to-face interaction with their supervisor and co-workers.

This course prepares students to experience the world of business through an internship with the support of an instructor. You will apply your skills and competencies learned on the job as well as through your coursework.

Internships must be approved before your start date to receive credit for BA 4500. Applications submitted less than 10 business days before start date will not be accepted. Students must be admitted to upper-level courses to be eligible. The course consists of the internship work and concurrent class assignments.

  • Students may complete one of the following internship options. Internships can be paid or unpaid.
    • Domestic Internship: 8-16 consecutive weeks + 120 work hours.
    • International Internship: Minimum of five consecutive weeks + 150 work hours.
    • Summer Trulaske Study Abroad Internship: Minimum of four consecutive weeks + 120 work hours with an international focus. Internship must be completed within three months before or three months after summer Trulaske study abroad program.

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Finding an Internship

Finding a great internship is key to student success, below are a few ways our students have found great experiences.

  • Business Career Services is a wonderful resource for students. Their resources include individual career counseling, career fairs, and an online job board (Handshake) that provides listings of part-time, full-time, and internship opportunities.
  • MU Career Center is the general career services office for the University of Missouri and also has an online job board (Hire Mizzou Tigers).
  • Networking is another key component for students to find internships, which can be utilized through their own personal network or networking at events held in the College.
  • Office of Service Learning assists University of Missouri students in securing local non-profit and government internships.

Internship Requirements

  • Building on the core competencies that the Trulaske EDGE encourages (Significant, professional, business-related responsibilities comparable to those that an entry- level, full-time college graduate would have in the organization. Your position adds value to the organization. You are challenged with a major project, series of smaller projects, or responsibilities that require advanced education.
  • Face-to-face interaction with colleagues and clients (including virtual).
  • Dedicated, experienced supervisor available for regular communication, feedback, and performance evaluation. The supervisor must have experience and expertise in the area in which the student is interning.
  • Regular interaction with a team of full-time business professionals within the company. Follow Department of Labor standards and University

Activities that DO NOT qualify for BA4500

  • Working on unskilled tasks the majority of the time (such as filing, copying, answering the phone, constructing a database, and data entry).
  • Working in a home-based business or the student’s family business.
  • Family members cannot be the supervisor or business owner.
  • Door-to-door or retail sales.
  • Working in an industry or for a company that provides products or services that are not legal under federal law including marijuana and some CBD products.

Please email the BA 4500 Office at if you have any questions.