The Allen Access Program

Talent isn’t bound by circumstance. Opportunity shouldn’t be, either.

At the Trulaske College of Business, access to an outstanding business education is one of our strategic priorities.

In August 2021, Trulaske’s vision for business education aligned with that of the Allen family when Pinney Allen; her husband, Charles “Buddy” Miller III; and her brother, W.D Allen, for whom the program is named, made a $5 million commitment to create the Allen Access Program at the college.

This shared vision pays special attention to inclusion, diversity and equity – particularly to inclusion, or what is known as “Making a House a Home” within the Trulaske community. The goal is to ensure that everyone has a seat at the table and feels welcome in the college. It also means that Trulaske students have the support they need to be successful, inside and outside the classroom, as they pursue their Mizzou degrees.

The Allen Access Program seeks to identify barriers to student success and hurdle them quickly and decisively by providing scholarships, programs and other support to underresourced students at Trulaske. The program's Allen Access Fund supports career readiness and student success by providing these students with funding for things like laptops and interview suits.

The program also focuses on outreach in Missouri to expose more middle and high school students to the opportunities that exist at Trulaske and at Mizzou, and to help them create a clear path to the Missouri’s flagship university and its college of business.

Allen Access Program Scholarships

Each academic year, the Allen Access Program provides tuition support in the form of renewable scholarships to incoming freshmen majoring in a business discipline. Preference is given to Missouri residents and the amounts awarded vary from $3,000 to $10,000 annually.

To apply, interested students should:

The Allen Access Fund

The Allen Access Fund provides support to prospective and current students of the Trulaske College of Business to provide financial support for under-resourced students in a variety of ways.

For prospective Trulaske students, the fund may provide waivers for expenses for campus visits, application fees and residence hall registration fees.

For current Trulaske students, the fund may provide reimbursements for technology purchases related educational activities, professional attire, ACT and SAT preparation courses and exam fees, housing for internships, and travel for school programs or summer expenses. The fund may also support students with addressing emergency needs that, unaddressed, would prohibit student success, such as costs related to medical care, loss of housing, and transportation challenges.

Applications for Allen Access Fund support are accepted throughout the academic year. Students must be able to receive funds without affecting current scholarships and grants.

To apply, interested students should:

  • Submit a completed application to be reviewed by the Allen Access S.U.R.E. (Students with Under-Resourced Experiences) Committee.
  • Additional documentation may be required to support a student’s request.

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