Freshman Admissions

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

When you are admitted to Mizzou, you can be admitted as an undeclared business or undeclared accountancy student and join the Trulaske College of Business your freshman year. You’ll spend your first two years in the Lower Level exploring your interests, discovering your strengths, and determining what path you want to take in business. You’ll then apply to a specific degree program, the Upper Level.

Admission to the Upper Level is competitive, involving a review of your required coursework, Mizzou GPA, and professional development points. Your academic advisor will guide you through the process. Learn more about Upper Level Admissions

To be eligible to apply to the Upper Level, students must meet the minimum cumulative GPA of a 2.6 (3.0 for accounting), have completed or be in progress of completing ten required courses (for students who started previous to Fall 2016), and have completed between 45 and 60 hours of credit. Starting with the Fall 2016 incoming class, students will need to have completed or be in progress of completing 12 required courses. Students also must complete 70 Professional Development Program points by the end of the semester that they apply to the Upper Level. Meeting minimum qualifications DOES NOT GUARANTEE ADMISSION into an Upper Level program. Admission is competitive base on a student's GPA and upper level capacity.


Accountancy prepares students for the competitive field of accounting with a combination of classroom study, practical experience, and student organizations, all in a degree that is nationally recognized for excellence. The bachelor of science and master’s of accountancy degree programs are merged into an integrated 150-hour curriculum to be entered into as a junior. A limited number of students may also be accepted into the MAcc program. 

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By the Numbers

BSBA Enrollment

Year Enrollment
2018 3,898
2017 4,411
2016 4,772
2015 5,026
2014 4,772
2013 4,249
2012 3,946
2011 3,845
2010 3,835

BSBA Graduating Class

Year Graduates
2018-2019 TBA
2017-2018 1,019
2016-2017 940
2015-2016 833
2014-2015 796
2013-2014 774
2012-2013 806
2011-2012 794
2010-2011 837
2009-2010 892

Accountancy Enrollment

Year Enrollment
2019 TBA
2018 494
2017 450
2016 451
2015 420
2014 426
2013 402
2012 393
2011 369

Accountancy Graduating Class and Placements

Year Graduates Domestic Student Placement (%) Overall Placement (%)
2017-2018 136 96.9 percent 95.5 percent
2016-2017 161 97.3 percent 94.3 percent
2014-2015 146 96.3 percent 94.4 percent
2013-2014 119 96.3 percent 93.1 percent
2012-2013 137 99.2 percent 95.6 percent
2011-2012 120 95.7 percent 94 percent