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Academic research provides data-driven unbiased answers to important scholarly, societal and business questions. Our leading-edge faculty at the Trulaske College of Business cultivate knowledge that informs and influences businesses and policymakers of today and the future. Our purpose proposition as a land-grant university business school is to demonstrate measurable value and public engagement through our research activities.

Our scholars produce timely, real-world research, hold various editorships at leading journals, consult with top companies, lead keynote presentations across the globe, serve on various industry boards, and are frequent honorees and award winners. 

As you will find on this website, our faculty pursue high-impact academic research in a variety of areas. Below are current research interest areas by academic department. 

  • Current issues in auditing and disclosure
  • Corporate governance
  • International accounting
  • Auditing regulation
  • Securities market transparency
  • Internal controls
  • Tax risk
  • Banking and financial intermediation
  • Asset pricing
  • Investments
  • Corporate finance
  • Household finance
  • Behavioral finance
  • Institutional investors
  • Corporate governance
  • Competitive dynamics 
  • Corporate communications
  • Corporate governance
  • Crowdfunding and new venture growth
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Emergence, development, and impact of leaders
  • Employee motivation
  • Employee well-being 
  • New venture workforce and work design
  • Interorganizational networks
  • Precursors of deviant and unethical behavior at work
  • Social evaluations
  • Startup workforce and work design
  • Sustainability and ESG
  • Technology management and innovation
  • Turnover and withdrawal
  • Workforce staffing
  • B2B relationships
  • Service systems and engineering management
  • AI and machine learning
  • Sales force management
  • International marketing
  • Big data analytics
  • Innovation


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