Accounting Minor

Trulaske’s accounting minor helps non-business students to bring an accounting mindset to their future careers, providing them with a foundational knowledge of accounting that will help them with decisions regarding operating, investing and financing activities. Students will gain a basic understanding of profit and balance sheets from core accounting coursework, making them more knowledgeable about world events and corporate operations.

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  • 15 Completed Hours
  • 2.0 GPA in Accountancy Coursework



  • ACCTCY 2036: Accounting I (must earn a B- or better)
  • ACCTCY 2037: Accounting II (must earn a B- or better)
  • ACCTCY 2258: Computer-Based Data Systems
  • ACCTCY 4356: Financial Accounting Concepts

(Electives – Choose 1):

  • ACCTCY 3328: Accounting Information Systems
  • ACCTCY 3347: Cost and Managerial Accounting
  • ACCTCY 4353: Introduction to Taxation

Benefits of Minor:

  • Accounting is considered the language of Business.
  • Students will gain specialized applied skills to complement their major program of study.
  • Facilitates an Accounting/Business mindset not only for your major but towards future careers.
  • An accounting foundation will serve well in making decisions regarding the operating, investing, and financing activities of future endeavors for entrepreneurs
  • Understanding the financial position of a balance sheet and the profit of a business enhances student’s ability to analyze business operations.