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  1. Journal Articles Marketing 2020

    A Practical Approach to Sales Compensation: What Do We Know Now? What Should We Know in the Future?

    Foundations and Trends® in Marketing
  2. Journal Articles Finance Forthcoming

    Stocks for the long run? Evidence from a broad sample of developed markets

    Journal of Financial Economics
  3. Journal Articles Finance Forthcoming

    The Impact of Investor Sentiment on Catering Incentives around the World

    Journal of International Financial Market, Institutions & Money
  4. Journal Articles Finance Forthcoming

    Transient Emotions, Perceptions of Well-being, and Mutual Fund Flows

    Finance Research Letters
  5. Journal Articles Finance December 2020

    Big Fish in a Small Pond: Locally-Dominant Firms and the Business Cycle

    Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization
  6. Journal Articles Marketing 2017

    Materialism Pathways: The Processes that Create and Perpetuate Materialism

    Journal of Consumer Psychology