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  1. Journal Articles Accountancy, Finance Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

    Fiscal Deficits, Bank Credit Risk, and Loan Loss Provisions

    Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
  2. Conference Proceedings Marketing 2020

    Pondering Trust and Distrust in B2B Relationships: The Role of Culture in the Conceptualization and Formation of Trust and Distrust

    American Marketing Association Global Marketing SIG Conference
  3. Conference Proceedings Marketing 2020

    Exploring unexamined issues regarding trust in B2B relationships

    American Marketing Association Winter Conference
  4. Conference Proceedings Marketing 2019

    Brand Perceptions and Consumer Support in the face of a Transgression: Warmth over Competence

    28th Annual Robert Mittelstaedt Doctoral Symposium
  5. Conference Proceedings Marketing 2018

    Why do people give gifts?: Gift-giving motivations scale development and cross-cultural validation

    American Marketing Association Summer Conference
  6. Conference Proceedings Marketing 2019

    Letting Consumers Win in Webchat Sales

    The Thought Leadership on Sales Profession Conference
  7. Journal Articles Finance, Marketing 2020

    Co-opting Artificial Intelligence as an Opportunity for Financial Service Professionals

    Journal of Financial Service Professionals