School of Accountancy

The School of Accountancy is nationally recognized for excellence.

2019 Public Accounting Report

In the 2019 Public Accounting Report Annual Professors Survey, the School of Accountancy is now ranked 13th for Undergraduate program, 11th for master's degree program and 17th for the doctoral program. When adjusted for faculty size, the school is ranked third for Undergraduate programs and fourth for Master's programs. The School offers a 150-hour program which awards both a master’s and bachelor’s degree upon graduation. The combination of rigorous degrees positions students for successful job placement in a competitive market with more than 95 percent employed at graduation.

Academic Analytics research productivity rankings

Another important development is the recent research productivity ranking among Top 10 in the nation, as reported in the Chronicle of Higher Education. The ranking is based on a comprehensive analysis of disciplines in over 155 universities by Academic Analytics, an independent consulting firm. For accounting, the rankings were based on publications during the period 2015-2018.

CPA Exam and Job Placement success

The University of Missouri is ranked among the top in the nation for CPA exam pass rates. Mizzou was ranked in the Top 5 in 2017 Q2 and, in most recent years, among the Top 10 in the large public schools category. The School of Accountancy has also had AICPA Elijah Watt Sells Award winners (for high scores on the CPA exam) for several years. Domestic full-time job placement rates are routinely between 95-98 percent each year.