Mission and Strategic Plan


Lead the way in business education.


  • Attract exceptional students and prepare them for success as global citizens, business leaders, scholars, innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • Develop research that impacts society and readies the next generation of scholars.
  • Engage alumni, executives and thought leaders to enrich the educational experience and connect students to our strong global network.
  • Activate our teaching, research and mentorship for emerging learning environments.
  • Advance the University of Missouri’s flagship mission.

Statement of Purpose

As Missouri’s land grant institution, we commit to excellence in the preparation of ethical business leaders. Our scholars will influence the world of business through knowledge discovery. Together with our global network of partners, we will meet the needs of the market today while anticipating the opportunities of tomorrow. Our shared success will be built on a foundation of diversity, inclusion, engagement and respect. We will integrate technology, innovation and globalization into a comprehensive learning environment in the Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business. This is our responsibility to the State of Missouri, the Nation, and beyond.

Trulaske Strategic Priorities

Our five-year Strategic Plan outlines the priorities and the tactics we will use to implement a forward-looking, interdisciplinary approach to business education. Our goal is to prepare our graduates for their careers and the rapidly changing and diverse world ahead. As a land grant institution, we make this commitment to the citizens of Missouri.

Here’s how Trulaske will lead the way in business education:

Career Readiness & the Student Experience

By combining rigorous academic study with the Professional Development Program, certifications, and research, Trulaske is preparing career-ready graduates. We offer a growing list of programs of distinction that start with prospective students and progress to traditional and non-traditional students who then graduate to lifelong learners. We are forming a model for external engagement to improve student success. In partnership with private industry, we are launching the Trulaske Executive Education Program.

Scholarly Research

Building on the strengths of our nationally ranked faculty, we are recruiting new leading researchers in high impact areas. Enhancing our strong PhD program will improve research capacity. New awards will attract talent to Mizzou. Research centers – both new and existing – will be market-facing and market-sensitive to leverage our research and translate our findings.

Modular Education & Access

To prepare today’s student in a rapidly changing educational environment, we are generating real-time, technologically enhanced, hands-on learning opportunities. Stackable certificates will create a fully customizable, interdisciplinary experience that results in professional credentials for dynamic markets. Our growing online offerings open high-quality Trulaske offerings to the world.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

We are infusing an entrepreneurial mindset at Trulaske. Applying business principles to education opens new opportunities for innovative ideas, industry partnerships and collaborations across campus. As we look to our strengths at Mizzou for inspiration, we are designing an Institute for Experiential Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Global Engagement

We are growing our global presence with international opportunities for students and faculty. We are creating new pathways to Mizzou for students from around the world who seek our quality programming.

Professional Growth

We are prioritizing professional growth to support faculty and staff to master new skills and chart new courses of advancement in the various fields of study at Trulaske.