International Business


The International Business degree is a joint degree program offered by the Trulaske College of Business and the College of Arts and Science. It incorporates foreign language, geography and cultural environment courses with core and international business courses. Students who complete this program will earn a bachelor of science in business administration (BS BA) with an emphasis area in one of the following areas (economics, finance and banking, management, or marketing) and a bachelor of arts in international studies (BA).

The International Business major is valuable to both US and international students. Those who choose International Business will garner important skills that can be applied in international business management, employment, and international consulting. Because International Business is a dual degree it is a 133-148 hour degree program which will typically require 4 ½ years to complete.

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Use the Emphasis Checksheet that corresponds with your start date:

Management/International Business Emphasis

Marketing/International Business Emphasis

Economics/International Business Emphasis

Finance/International Business Emphasis

Typical International Business Careers

Business translator, interpreter, customs broker, foreign service officer, diplomat, International marketer, or international service

For more information about the International Studies portion of this program, visit the International Studies Program.

Sample Course Sequence

For BS BA/BA with an Emphasis in Management (for students starting Summer 2021) Students can complete coursework in any number of combinations and suggested sequences will vary depending on your start date (degree requirements may change from year-to-year). Students can complete coursework in any number of combinations. Course sequencing and total credit hours also vary by a student's business emphasis area and language placement. Consult with your academic advisor to select courses in an appropriate sequence.
First Semester Credit Hours Second Semester Credit Hours
Math 1100 (College Algebra) 3 Math 1400 (Calculus) 3
State Requirement 3 Economics 1014 (Microeconomics) 3
Foreign Language I 4 English 1000 3
Humanity 3 Foreign Language II 4
BA 1500 2 Behavioral Science 3
Total 15 Total 16


Third Semester Credit Hours Fourth Semester Credit Hours
Math 1300 (Finite) 3 Statistics 2500 3
Accounting 2036 3 Accounting 2037 3
Foreign Language III 4 Foreign Language IV 3
Economics 1015 3 Accounting 2258 3
BA 2500 2 Management 3000W 3
Total 15 Total 15


Fifth Semester Credit Hours Sixth Semester Credit Hours
Biological or Physical Lab Science 3 Management 3700, 3720, 3900, or 4070 3
Management 3300 3 Anthropology 2030 3
Management 3540 3 Economics 3229 or 3251 3
Humanity (Global Core) 3 Political Science 1400 or 2700 3
Foreign Language V 3 International Humanities/Writing Intensive Non-Business 3
BA 3500 2    
Total 17 Total 15


Seventh Semester Credit Hours Eighth Semester Credit Hours
Finance 3000 3 Management 4020 3
Marketing 3000 3 Additional Management Course 3
International Humanities 3 Additional Management Course 3
Geography 1100 or 1200 3 Arts and Science Area Support 3
BA 4500 (Internship) 3 Arts and Science Area Support 3
Total 15 Total 15
Ninth Semester Credit Hours
Management 4010 3
Management 4030 3
Additional Management Course 3
Arts and Science Area Support 3
Management 4970 3
Total 15