Management Emphasis

About Our Program

The Management Department prepares students to be leaders in innovative, entrepreneurial and technology settings: in large established firms, small and medium sized growth businesses, and entrepreneurial startups. We prepare students to lead cutting edge, flexible and nimble organizations, especially preparing students to lead organizations in the information age and the idea economy.

Students earning an emphasis in management will learn the skills and tools needed to lead successful organizations from project teams to departments and small businesses to global enterprises. Management coursework at Mizzou is diverse because managing today and in the future requires a diverse set of knowledge, skills and abilities: entrepreneurial strategy, human resource management, human behavior in organizations, information systems/analytics, operations management, business law, diversity and inclusion, and leadership and ethics.

We encourage students to concentrate their area support courses within one of the following emphasis areas: supply chain management and operations, information systems, human resource management, or entrepreneurship depending upon their career aspirations.

All students who complete our program will earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management


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Careers in Management

  • Change Management Consultant
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Bank Manager
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Entrepreneurs 

Sample Course Sequence

For BS BA with an Emphasis in Management (for students starting Summer 2021) Students can complete coursework in any number of combinations and suggested sequences will vary depending on your start date (degree requirements may change from year-to-year). Consult with your academic advisor to select courses in an appropriate sequence.
First Semester Credit Hours Second Semester Credit Hours
Math 1100 (College Algebra) 3 Math 1400 (Calculus) 3
State Requirement 3 Economics 1014 (Microeconomics) 3
Humanity 3 English 1000 3
Biological or Physical Science with Lab 3 Humanity 3
Elective 1 Elective 3
BA 1500 2    
Total 15 Total 15
Third Semester Credit Hours Fourth Semester Credit Hours
Math 1300 (Finite) 3 Accountancy 2037 3
Economics 1015 (Macroeconomics) 3 Statistics 2500 3
Accountancy 2036 3 Accountancy 2258 3
Humanity (Writing Intensive) 3 Management 3000W 3
Elective 1 Elective 3
BA 2500 2 Elective 1
Total 15 Total 16
Fifth Semester Credit Hours Sixth Semester Credit Hours
MRKTNG 3000 3 Finance 3000 3
Management 3300 3 Management 4020 3
Economics 3229 3 Management 3540 3
Management 3700, 3720, 3900, or 4070 3 Emphasis Support 3
BA 3500 2 Elective 3
Total 14 Total 15
Seventh Semester Credit Hours Eighth Semester Credit Hours
Management 4030 3 Management 4970 (Capstone) 3
Management 4010 3 Additional Management Course 3
Additional Management Course 3 Additional Management Course 3
Emphasis Support 3 Emphasis Support 3
BA 4500 (Internship) 3 Emphasis Support 3
Total 15 Total 15