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We know your type. You’re sharp, focused and driven to succeed. You know what you want and won’t settle for less. You don’t have time for average – you aim for exceptional in everything you do.

So do we. We know you’ve got what it takes, and we’re serious about helping you get to that corner office or start your own business. We’ve got all the right stuff, including cutting-edge facilities, professional and career services, hands-on opportunities and a tight-knit community located within Missouri’s flagship university – everything you need to help you prepare your portfolio for a high-tech, high-powered business career. Get started by checking out our admission requirements.

Our challenging academic programs equip you relevant skills in the most important areas of business while allowing you to specialize in an area that best fits your career goals. Highly knowledgeable Professional Advisors work with you to plan through to graduation and on to your first job. Factor in the cost and financial aid and you’ll see the value in our business education.