Image: Trulaske students sitting inside Cornell Hall facing each other.

Trulaske Edge

Preparing students for successful internships and careers

Success in the business world requires more than knowledge and intelligence – future leaders and professionals need strong communication skills, presence, and the power to make strategic decisions. In the Trulaske College of Business, students learn beyond the classroom and gain the skills needed to be well-rounded, marketable professionals.

The Trulaske Edge is a comprehensive approach to ensuring that all undergraduate students graduate with a wide range of competencies that are necessary for success in an increasingly competitive and global world. This innovative program provides students with the opportunity to:

  • Attend a wide range of panel discussions, conferences, and presentations by industry executives, successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and power players in government and other influential organizations.
  • Participate in skill-building seminars and hands-on events, such as resume workshops, etiquette dinners and mock interviews.
  • Apply what is learned in the classroom to businesses during internships. Students participate in corporate meetings, make presentations, analyze data, develop marketing materials, and often receive job offers post-internship.

Students who graduate from the Trulaske College of Business enter the workforce with the skills, experience and networking connections to succeed in the professional world. Coupled with a rigorous business curriculum, the Trulaske Edge aids in producing Trulaske College of Business graduates who excel in competitive business environments.

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