Upper-Level Admissions

Undeclared business students must apply to the upper level of the Trulaske College of Business. During this process, you will request an emphasis area - economicsfinance and banking, real estatemanagement, or marketing. Admission is granted in February and September. Additionally, if the requested emphasis area is at capacity, students who qualify for admission may be placed in their second, third, or fourth preference of emphasis if space is available. Deadlines are determined each semester, but are generally:

  • Fall admissions — applications are open September 1-15
  • Winter admissions — applications are open February 1-15

Apply for the BA Upper Level

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Requirements to Apply

Students are competitively admitted to the upper level based on cumulative GPA. Additionally, if the requested emphasis area is at capacity, students who qualify for admission may be placed in their second, third, or fourth preference of emphasis. To apply to the upper level BS BA degree program, a student must have completed a minimum of 45 semester hours of college-level credit. However, you must apply by the semester after you earn 60 credits. A 2.600 cumulative GPA of Record at the time of application is required (but DOES NOT GUARANTEE ADMISSION) along with the following courses completed or in progress (if you started prior to Fall 2016 please see your academic advisor for a list of application requirements):

  • Accountancy 2036 (or 2136H): Accounting I (3hr)
  • Accountancy 2037 (or 2137H): Accounting II (3hr)
  • Accountancy 2258: Computer-Based Data Systems (3hr)
  • Business Administration 1500: Foundations of Professional Development in Business (2hr)
  • Business Administration 2500: Introduction to Professional Development in Business (2hr)
  • Economics 1014 (or 1024): Microeconomics (3hr)
  • Economics 1015: Macroeconomics (3hr)
  • English 1000: Exposition and Argumentation (3hr)*
  • Math 1100: College Algebra (3hr)*
  • Math 1300: Finite Mathematics (3hr)**
  • Math 1400: Calculus for Social and Life Sciences I (3hr)**
  • Statistics 2500: Introduction to Probability and Statistics I (3hr)*

* with a grade of C- or higher (ENGLSH 1000, MATH 1100, & STAT 2500).

**a C- or higher is required in either MATH 1300 or 1400.

It is important for students to remember that the higher their cumulative GPA, the more options they have at application time. All grade repeats, course substitutions, summer course work, independent study courses, etc. need to be completed and recorded by the time of application. Applications will be processed and reviewed after the application is closed. If a student was in progress of remaining upper level admission course requirements at the time of application, advisors will check on the successful completion of the courses at the end of the semester.

International students must have a score of 550 paper base, or 79 computer based on the TOEFL. For the IELTS students must earn an overall score of 6.5 with no band below 6.0.

Decisions will be made based on the GPA at the time of application. Students will receive notification via e-mail one to two weeks later.

Professional EDGE 

  • The student must earn a minimum of 70 Professional EDGE points (maximum of 100) at the lower level for official admittance to the upper level. Once admitted, students must earn a total of 200 Professional EDGE points to meet the graduation requirement. Specific activities and workshops are required.
  • Consult the Professional EDGE website for specific requirements.
  • If a student fails to meet the Professional EDGE requirements, the student will be removed from the Upper Level.

Denial of Admission

In the event that a student is not admitted to the upper level and they have completed 60 or more credit hours, they will be required to transfer out of the Trulaske College of Business. Students will be notified of their admission decision at least two weeks before the university-wide Transfer of Division deadline. An academic hold will be placed on a student's registration until they officially transfer divisions at which time the new division will release the academic hold.

Students who have completed 60 or more semester hours without gaining admission to the upper level will not be eligible to continue in the Trulaske College of Business and need to choose another degree.

Special Extension

Sometimes extenuating circumstances prevent a student from being ready to apply to the upper level even if the student has reached the required credit amount. Some of these extenuating circumstances include, but are not limited to:

  • A student in good standing who transferred into the Trulaske College of Business and needs more time to complete requirements.
  • A student who was not able to get into required courses because they were closed.
  • A student who has a special medical condition or learning disability that has prevented the student from completing requirements on time.
  • Emergency situation.

Special extensions will NOT be granted for GPA issues. If a student feels they have an extenuating circumstance and needs an extension, please see an advisor. Special extensions are evaluated on an individual basis. Extensions are granted for one semester only.