Image: Camp Trulaske campers performing a skit.

Camp Trulaske

Camp Trulaske 2021

Camp Trulaske consists of small group activities including hiking, team sports, painting, and other fun events to showcase Mizzou and the Columbia community. You will also be able to participate in all the campus welcome events as well, maximizing your introduction to Mizzou!

All Camp Trulaske events are FREE, including any transportation, materials, and food that is needed. You will be able to choose your own adventure during camp, making new relationships with your fellow business students and experiencing Mizzou. Be sure to register today!


Register here by July 16th - Have additional questions? Don't hesitate to ask our amazing staff! Contact us at

About Camp Trulaske

Camp Trulaske is an incredible experience for incoming business students. Camp will introduce freshmen and transfer students to Mizzou, the Trulaske College of Business, and upperclassmen business students.  

The Trulaske College of Business hosts a unique opportunity for incoming students. When you sign up for camp, you have the opportunity to shape your future at Mizzou!  

Make Camp Trulaske a part of your story at Mizzou!