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Taylor Dey

Spending the time on the nitty-gritty parts is important. I made money and I was able to dedicate time to my business.

Taylor Dey
Mizzou Student and Aspiring Entrepreneur
Image: Dezirae Orozco

After seeing so much more of the world with my own eyes, I discovered the major opportunities in expanding business operations internationally. I felt that the best part of this internship was the fact that the hard work my teammates and I were doing mattered.

Dezirae Orozco
MU ITC Summer 2018 Intern
Image: Mackenzie Murray

Not only did the internship meet my expectations, it exceeded them. The program offered an opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to a real-world project.

Mackenzie Murray
MU ITC Summer 2018 Intern
Image: Nicholas Cohn

The International Trade Center internship experience has not only made me a more attractive interview candidate, but it has given me a unique global mindset that will be lasting. Upon graduation I now plan on seek out job opportunities that have an international component to them.

Nicholas Cohn
MU ITC Summer 2018 Intern
Image: Deanna Meyer in front of Buckingham Palace.

We always say that international business and business aren’t really different anymore. Business is business, and it’s happening all over the world. If you’re a business student, it’s definitely important to have that global mindset.

Deanna Meyer
Trulaske senior turns study abroad into global internship