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Image: Endovac Animal Health

MU ITC and the MU College of Business is developing a talent pipeline and providing Endovac with access to a ready supply of great student interns and potential future employees. MU ITC has also provided a level of connectivity with state and federal agencies and industry involved with International trade that has been vital to our growth.

Endovac Animal Health
Tim Cox, CMO and Steve Knorr, President
Image: Shayna Crosby

Through my time with Mizzou's ITC, I have become confident in my abilities to interpret large amounts of data, utilize different databases, and communicate research findings in an accessible way.

Shayna Crosby
Fall 2022 Intern - Rebundle
Image: Austin Bolin

The overall environment of the internship was unbelievably positive and if I had one negative thing to say it would be that it ended too soon.

Austin Bolin
Fall 2022 Intern - Rebundle
Image: Tucker Tandy

My project allowed me to learn about global markets relevant to my industry of interest. This proved to be eye-opening, as there are limited ways for Mizzou students to get such insight into international markets.

Tucker Tandy
Fall 2022 Intern - SEVO IFP
Image: Grace Chafee

The most important thing I learned during my time as an intern with the MU International Trade Center was the importance of teamwork.

Grace Chafee
Fall 2022 Intern - SEVO IPF
Image: Will Martin

Exploring global markets to provide useful information for American Outdoor Brands allowed me to understand the different processes, costs, and information needed when participating in international trade.

Will Martin
Fall 2021 Intern - American Outdoors Brands
Logo: Nasopure!

Not only has the ITC provided excellent customer service, but their research and findings have proven extremely useful and have helped increase our sales internationally.

Marcus Solomon, CEO, BeWell Health, LLC
Logo: Laclede Chain Manufacturing Company

This is a great program that helps grow industry, blends academic study with the real world of business and prepares students to use their potential for practical industry growth.

Laclede Chain Manufacturing Company
Jim Riley, President & CEO
Logo: Mayco Industries

We would highly recommend this opportunity to other businesses interested in evaluating global market opportunities for their business.

Mayco Industries
Daniell Hill, Environmental Health & Safety Manager
Logo: Silgan Plastic Food Containers

From putting us in touch with the right organizations and expertise to assist with answering technical questions, to customizing research to identify market opportunities, our relationship with the ITC has enabled us to make informed key strategic decisions as we roll out international sales efforts.

Silgan Plastic Food Containers
Rob McCoy, President