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Image: Dr. Martha Davis

"My connection to Mizzou extends across multiple generations, creating a rich personal history. With my grandfather attending law school and my parents and myself attending the university, Mizzou has always been interwoven into the fabric of our lives."

Dr. Martha Davis
Trulaske ExecMBA, Class of 2019 & Truman School of Public Affairs MPA, 2007
Image: Karissa Roman

"Mizzou has affected my life in every way. I ultimately came to Mizzou as a freshman in college to live out my goal of competing at a Division I level in track and field. I found so much more than that when I came to campus."

Karissa Roman
Crosby MBA Class of 2020
Image: Spencer Hockman

"The education at Mizzou is top notch.  We have world class professors, faculty, and community.  When you combine those three things, it is hard to not have a special experience at Mizzou."

Spencer Hockman
Crosby MBA Class of 2021
Image: Benjamin Welek

The education I received at Mizzou laid the foundation for all the career opportunities that I have been blessed with.

Benjamin Welek
Trulaske Class of 2012; Crosby MBA Class of 2015
Image: Lauren Bygland

I firmly believe that having an MBA was a huge plus for being hired at FRB. 

Lauren (Miller) Bygland
Crobsy MBA Class of 2011
Image: Jennifer Landis

I have had the opportunity to live in four cities since graduation (Houston, Seattle, Dallas and now Denver); with each move, I had the chance to connect with many Mizzou alumni in the area!

Jennifer Landis
Trulaske Class of 2008; Crosby MBA Class of 2009
Image: Kyle Oldfield and family

There are also numerous Crosby MBA Alumni from my time there that have gone on to do amazing and brilliant work in different areas that I continue to follow and support, which is amazing to say I have that connection to through my graduate experience. 

Kyle Oldfield
Crosby MBA Alum 2010
Image: IFP

The insight provided is exactly what we need.  The research completed hit on information we have been chasing after and will help us to connect the dots within the renewable energy industry sector that is of interest to us.

IFP Smart Fire Solutions
Jon Flamm, Chief Executive Officer
Image: American Outdoor Brands

American Outdoor Brands is proud to partner with the Trulaske College of Business, and specifically the MU ITC, as it gives us exposure to a talented group of faculty and students that are helping us explore the expansion of our international footprint. 

American Outdoor Brands
Andrew Fulmer, Chief Financial Officer
Image: Endovac Animal Health

MU ITC and the MU College of Business is developing a talent pipeline and providing Endovac with access to a ready supply of great student interns and potential future employees. MU ITC has also provided a level of connectivity with state and federal agencies and industry involved with International trade that has been vital to our growth.

Endovac Animal Health
Tim Cox, CMO and Steve Knorr, President