Image: Dr. Martha Davis
Trulaske ExecMBA, Class of 2019 & Truman School of Public Affairs MPA, 2007

Dr. Martha Davis

"My connection to Mizzou extends across multiple generations, creating a rich personal history. With my grandfather attending law school and my parents and myself attending the university, Mizzou has always been interwoven into the fabric of our lives."

Current Role/Title:

I’m a Professor of Business & Finance at Baker University in Kansas, teaching advanced data analytics, finance, and strategic management courses.

I’m also an Executive Advisor with Atrium Economics, providing consulting, advisory, and regulatory expert witness services to energy and utility companies.

As a professional who operates across academia and business, I identify as a scholarly practitioner, drawing upon the combination of scholarly knowledge and practical expertise in my work.

What is something fascinating happening in your industry right now?

As a scholarly practitioner, I find the most fascinating developments in my field(s) to be the transformative impact of technology and the increasing emphasis on collaboration across disciplines. These two trends have the potential to revolutionize the way we approach research, teaching, and problem-solving in academia and beyond.

How did you end up in your current position?

My journey as a scholarly practitioner has been shaped by a diverse range of experiences and circumstances, leading me to my current position. After completing my undergraduate degree at Westminster College and Master’s in Public Administration at Mizzou, I embarked on a professional journey in the utility industry, focusing primarily on public policy. As I progressed in my career, I recognized the importance of enhancing my business acumen and decided to pursue the Trulaske ExecMBA. This experience reignited my passion for learning and instilled in me a desire to continue my educational pursuit by obtaining a Ph.D.—a lifelong goal I had always aspired to achieve.

In my current roles, I am privileged to serve both students and businesses, which allows me to make a meaningful impact. I find great fulfillment in leveraging my expertise and knowledge to influence the academic and corporate realms positively. Moreover, these positions provide me with the opportunity to nurture my inherent curiosity, enabling me to learn and grow continuously.

Overall, my winding path, encompassing various educational and professional milestones, has led me to the role of a scholarly practitioner, where I can make a difference, satisfy my intellectual curiosity, and contribute to the development of both students and businesses.

In what ways has your Mizzou education/affiliation impacted your life since graduation?

A Mizzou education has had a significant impact on my life. It has provided me access to diverse academic programs, allowing me to acquire knowledge and skills in my chosen field(s). Being part of the Mizzou community has connected me with a vast alumni network, opening doors to valuable connections and career opportunities. Moreover, the educational experience at Mizzou has gone beyond academics, fostering my personal growth, character development, and acquiring transferable skills. Graduating from Mizzou has boosted my professional prospects and instilled a deep appreciation for lifelong learning.


Why did you choose Mizzou—what makes Mizzou special? Why should someone consider Mizzou?

My connection to Mizzou extends across multiple generations, creating a rich personal history. With my grandfather attending law school and my parents and myself attending the university, Mizzou has always been interwoven into the fabric of our lives. I resided in University Village as a baby and was enrolled in an experimental preschool program at Mizzou, further solidifying my bonds with the institution. Given this profound personal history, pursuing my graduate education at Mizzou was an obvious choice. The fact that my MPA courses took place in Middlebush Hall, where my mother previously earned her business degree, also evoked a sense of nostalgia and familial connection. Mizzou's allure lies in its remarkable attributes—an encouraging academic environment, a vibrant campus life, and many growth opportunities. And, of course, the university's renowned football and basketball programs are exceptional and foster a sense of pride and excitement. By revisiting and enhancing my personal connection to Mizzou, I have come to appreciate the depth and significance of my experiences within the university. It is a testament to the enduring legacy and unique value that Mizzou holds for me and my family.

Fondest memories while a student or faculty member here?

One of the most cherished moments from my time as a student in the Truslake execMBA program occurred during our culminating on-campus immersion. Our cohort engaged in a rigorous two-day (and all-night) case study competition as the grand finale of our journey, collaborating with executives from Centene Corporation. The entire experience was incredibly demanding, fulfilling, and infused with enjoyment. I am proud to say that my team, known as Team Pyramid, secured the honorable second-place position in the competition!

In your spare time, what do you like to do?

Balancing work and parenting, I enjoy family moments and our beloved dogs. Travel fuels my wanderlust, immersing me in diverse cultures. Reading captivates my imagination and fulfills my intellectual curiosity.