Edge Event Submission

To be considered for an Edge event, all events must: 

  • Be open to all Trulaske students.
  • Expose students to at least one of the Trulaske Edge professional competencies (see below).
  • Request approval for Edge points/staff support at least three weeks prior to the event date. The priority deadline for Edge event requests is Dec. 1 for spring events and July 1 for fall events. 
  • Submit a completed Edge event request (and identify all people, places and logistics involved). 

Edge approved event hosts agree to:

  • Manage event registration or request the Edge office manage registration (as available – please allow additional time for planning and coordination).
  • Be present for the entire event.
  • Take responsibility for an Edge approved system that will award and/or track student attendance and participation to receive Edge points.
    • This includes taking accurate attendance and submitting a digital attendance report (i.e. zoom report with timestamp, pawprint and name of in-person attendees).
  • When a reflection is assigned, collect and grade responses to a reflection prompt within 24 hours and submit a digital attendees list (name and pawprint) of all students who deserve Edge points.
  • Reserve appropriate room accommodations for the event prior to Edge event request.
  • Let the Edge team know if any changes occur before the event date (room, event host, speaker, date change, etc.).

Edge Event Submission Form


image: Edge professional competencies


If you have any additional questions, please email the Trulaske Edge Office at edge@missouri.edu