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Management Department

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Management Department

The Management Department prepares students to be leaders in innovative, entrepreneurial and technology settings: in large established firms, small and medium sized growth businesses, and entrepreneurial startups.  We contribute scholarly research and innovative instructional programs addressing cutting edge organizations, creativity, new forms of organizing, flexible and nimble organizations, and organizations in the information age and the idea economy.  We are organized into three groups of faculty with diverse expertise and talents.

  • The Innovation, Organizations and People (IPO) group focuses on how human behavior, human resource management and communications supports innovation and entrepreneurship in organizations.
  • The Information Systems, Analytics and Technology (ISAT) group focuses on information systems, supply chain management, business analytics and the management of technology.
  • The Strategy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (SIE) group focuses on the organization as a whole — building new organizations from idea to business, as well as keeping medium and large organizations nimble, innovative and entrepreneurial in the global economy.

Students earning an emphasis in management will learn the skills and tools needed to lead successful organizations from projects to departments and small businesses to global enterprises. Management coursework at Mizzou is diverse because managing today and in the future requires a diverse set of knowledge, skills and abilities: entrepreneurial strategy, human resource management, human behavior in organizations, information systems/analytics, operations management, business law, diversity and inclusion and leadership and ethics.

Show Me: Our Points of Pride

Programmatic Innovation:

2017 AACSB’s Entrepreneurial Spotlight Challenge Winner:

Our Entrepreneurship Alliance program, led by Greg Bier, was recognized for our commitment to fostering creativity, problem solving and an innovative mindset required of future business leaders. Way to go, Greg!

Leading Edge Research: 

Management faculty and doctoral students presenting their leading edge new knowledge at the 2017 Academy of Management meetings: 

Professional Development Workshops

  • Rhonda Reger: Content Analysis in Organization Research: Techniques and Applications
  • Rhonda RegerInnovation and Trends in Entrepreneurial Finance Research
  • Karen SchnatterlyBusiness Policy and Strategy Division Mid-Career Consortium: Managing Your Evolving Career
  • Daniel TurbanCareers in the Rough: A Research Development Workshop


  • Rhonda Reger: To Be or Not to Be?: Identity Theory and the Decision to Be (or Not) an Academic Entrepreneur (Showcase Symposium)
  • Amanda S. ShafferWhat Does it Mean for Employees to be Their Best Selves at Work?

Paper Sessions

  • Todd Chiles: Creative Imagining: Developing and Grounding a Process Model for Entrepreneurship
  • Lin JiangKnowledge Signals and Investors' Funding Decisions: Evidence from Crowdfunding Ventures
  • Timothy R. Moake, Nahyun Oh, Clarissa Rene SteeleAge-based Social Status, Team Safety Climate, and Innovation: Overcoming Culture with Team Effects
  • Clarissa Rene Steele, Karen SchnatterlyGender Board Diversity as Reputation Insurance Against Discrimination Litigation
  • Xinran Joyce Wang; Rhonda RegerCross-Border Social Disapproval: Social Media, National Animosity, and Nationalism as Mobilization (SIM Division Best Student Paper Award)
  • Xinran Joyce Wang; Rhonda RegerFaster, Hotter, and More Linked In: Managing Social Disapproval in the Social Media Era
  • Dezhi "Denny" YinMore than Words in Medical Q&A Communities

Our Goal is to become a top 20 management department in research and program innovation focusing on the management of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology.