Business Minor

Choose a business minor to develop a more dynamic educational experience beyond your major. The business minor has the same rigor and content as the fundamental courses taken by business majors, yet preserves the flexibility in your studies. Two hallmarks of business education are its breadth and diversity. The business minor includes courses that are highly complementary. For most students, the business minor as a total package is far more valuable than a similar number of courses in one or two areas. Because of its diversity, most students will find one or more of the required classes to be challenging.

Admission Requirements

There are no special admission requirements for the business minor; simply complete the online application as soon as you have officially decided to pursue the minor. However, if you change your major after submitting your application, you will need to apply again because the minor can only be added to your current academic program plan. If you are unsure whether an application has already been submitted you can log in to to confirm. If the Business Minor is reflected in your current academic program plan, please do not submit another application. If the Business Minor is not reflected in your current academic program plan, please proceed with completing the online application.

You can apply for the business minor using the online form found on this page or in person by visiting 111 Cornell Hall. All business minor applications must be submitted prior to the awarding of your degree. After all minor requirements are completed and verified, the minor will be awarded alongside your undergraduate degree and will be reflected in your official academic record for the semester in which you graduate. The business minor is intended to complement your major, and the minor is recognized only when that degree is completed.

It is highly recommended you see an academic advisor in 111 Cornell Hall as soon as you decide to pursue the minor to cover any questions you may have about the requirements. You do not need an appointment. You can meet with an on-call advisor between the hours of 8:00am and 11:30am and 1:00pm and 4:00pm.

Elements of the Business Minor

  • The business minor is available to undergraduate students from any other college at Mizzou. Students earning a Trulaske College of Business degree cannot be awarded a business minor.
  • Students must complete the 18-hour set of required courses.
  • At least 15 of the 18 total hours must be taken in residence at the University of Missouri.
  • To earn the business minor, students must have at least a 2.00 business minor GPA in the required courses. If a student has taken more than 18 business hours, all business courses taken - Accountancy (ACCTCY), Business Administration (BUS_AD), Economics (ECONOM), Finance (FINANC), Management (MANGMT) and Marketing (MRKTNG) - will be included when calculating the business minor GPA.
  • Requirements below for Fall 2012 forward:
Required Courses Credit Hours
Introduction to Accounting (ACCTCY 2010)*  OR Accounting I (ACCTCY 2026)** OR Accounting I (ACCTCY 2036) 3

Microeconomics (ECONOM 1014)


General Economics (ECONOM 1000) OR Applied Microeconomics (ABM 1041 - Formally AG ECON 1041) OR

Fundamentals of Microeconomics (ECONOM 1024)

OR General Economics (ECONOM 1051H)

Survey of Business Finance (FINANC 2000) OR Corporate Finance (FINANC 3000) 3
Fundamentals of Management (MANGMT 3000) 3
Principles of Marketing (MRKTNG 3000) 3
Business Elective*** 3
Total Business Minor Hours: 18

**Accountancy 2026 (Accounting I) is a 6-month self-paced online course offered through Mizzou Online.*Accountancy 2010 (Introduction to Accounting) is a one-semester survey class designed for non-business majors.

***A Business Elective is any Accountancy (ACCTCY), Economics (ECONOM), Finance (FINANC), Management (MANGMT) or Marketing (MRKTNG) course above the 3000 level beyond what is already required for the minor.