Student Success Tips

Check out these success tips from our undergraduate advising office and know that we are here to support you. 

Monitor your MU email account every day and reply to emails promptly if they require your action. Important updates from the university at-large, your instructors, and your academic advisor will be sent to you via email. We understand it’s easy for your email inbox to get out of control, so staying on top of reading, filing or deleting, and responding to emails each day will help you not feel as overwhelmed later on. 

Here’s a helpful video on How to Organize Your Emails in Outlook

Quick Tip: Create folders for each of your courses, for updates from your academic advisor, and for general campus announcements.

Keeping your schedule organized will help you balance all aspects of your life – classes, work, student organization meetings, etc. Whether you use a handwritten planner or an online calendar, keeping track of your scheduling commitments will help you stay on top of it all. With many students having a combination of online synchronous courses (where you have to log into the course at a set time), online asynchronous courses (where you can access online course materials when you choose each week), and in-person courses, it is more challenging than ever to keep track of your schedule without using a calendar.

Did you know you can schedule a virtual appointment with a Study Plan Consultant? This free service through the MU Learning Center enables you to map out your weekly schedule and better stay on top of your courses and other responsibilities. 

Quick Tip: Keep track of important dates/deadlines for your courses and set reminders in advance so you aren’t surprised when it’s an exam week or you have a big project deadline coming up.

We all face challenges, and when you ignore issues, they usually just get worse. If you are struggling academically, financially, or personally, reach out to your “Success Network.” This includes your academic advisor and your instructors, individuals who can help you navigate and leverage a wide range of campus resources to address whatever concern you have.

One great campus resource to seek out if you are struggling academically is The Learning Center’s Tiger Tutors, a free online tutoring service for a variety of subjects including Accountancy, Economics, Math, and Statistics.  

Quick Tip: Use MizzouOne if you aren’t sure where to start with a question or concern. This online search engine will help you find what you need at Mizzou (and it’s accessible 24/7).

Life as a college student can be stressful, and that is especially true this year given the changes and uncertainty we’re all experiencing due to the pandemic. It is normal to sometimes feel overwhelmed, lonely, or sad. Make your personal wellness a top priority. Getting enough sleep, eating well, staying physically active, practicing a hobby that you enjoy, talking to a therapist or counselor, and taking time to connect with others (even if it’s online) are all great ways to invest in your wellness.

Check out a TigerX fitness class through the MizzouRec. A variety of health and wellness resources are also available to you remotely through the MU Counseling Center. Take advantage of a free yoga class, attend a workshop on healthy habits, or participate in a group therapy session. 24-hour crisis and consultation support is also available to you all year at (573) 882-6601. Know that you are never alone!

Quick Tip: The Sanvello app is available to you for free and offers techniques to relieve stress and symptoms of anxiety and depression. The app will help you assess your level of anxiety and depression and give you tools to support your wellness.