Transfer of Division

Interested in Transferring to Business?

If you are a current Mizzou student active in another division, you will first need to complete our transfer of division canvas course. During the course you will learn about the degree requirements and schedule a transfer of division session with a staff member. Eligibility and questions regarding the business program will be discussed at the transfer of division session. If approved, you will be able to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor after completing the transfer of division session.

Please be advised, if you are under a 2.2 UM Cumulative GPA you will be asked to meet with the DISCOVERY CENTER to discuss parallel major options in lieu of attending a transfer of division session.

In order to register for a session, please follow these steps:

Email to be enrolled in the canvas course that must be completed before meeting with a staff member.

If you are having problems signing up, please call 573-882-7073.


Transfer Guidelines for Business & Accountancy:

Option A: 3.0 UM System Cumulative GPA and have COMPLETED English 1000 and Math 1100 OR Math 1160 - Can complete all upper level business requirements by two semesters.

Option B: (In-Progress)*

Credits Business
29 credits and below 2.2 Cumulative GPA or first-time Freshman during first semester
30-44 credits 2.4 Cumulative GPA; Math 1100 OR Math 1160
45-59 credits 2.6 Cumulative GPA; Math 1100 OR Math 1160; Math 1300 OR Math 1400; Econ 1014 OR 1015
60 credits 2.6 Cumulative GPA and All Upper-Level Requirements

*Requirements are subject to change

*GPA is UM System GPA

*Requirements take into consideration in-progress coursework and transfer coursework

*Math 1500 (5 CH) fulfills Math 1100, 1300, and 1400; must have sufficient math placement score


Upper-Level Requirements

Transfer of Division - International Students:

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL):

  • Paper-based: 550
  • Internet-based: 79