Logo: Mayco Industries

We would highly recommend this opportunity to other businesses interested in evaluating global market opportunities for their business.

Mayco Industries
Daniell Hill, Environmental Health & Safety Manager
Logo: Silgan Plastic Food Containers

From putting us in touch with the right organizations and expertise to assist with answering technical questions, to customizing research to identify market opportunities, our relationship with the ITC has enabled us to make informed key strategic decisions as we roll out international sales efforts.

Silgan Plastic Food Containers
Rob McCoy, President
Logo: Antennas Direct Inc.

We get lots of advice from outside consultants and rarely is it as thorough, well organized, clearly laid out and real world as the information shared by you.

Antennas Direct, Inc.
Richard Schneider, CEO
Logo: STL Economic Development Partnership

It was a pleasure to be included in this program, and we extend our best wishes to the students, and to the faculty and advisors who made it such an impressive success.

St. Louis Economic Development Partnership
John Hixson, Vice President Advanced Manufacturing
Logo: Holtec Gas Systems

The International Trade Center market research report was impressive with well-considered, fact-driven, conclusions based on an amazing compilation of data.

Holtec Gas Systems
Thorstein Holt, President
Logo: Clemco Industries

We believe the information compiled by the students/MU International Trade Center, will be helpful to us in identifying customers with the highest growth potential. This information will help us a lot as we move forward.

Clemco Industries
Kurtis Ohse, Director of Marketing
Taylor Dey

Spending the time on the nitty-gritty parts is important. I made money and I was able to dedicate time to my business.

Taylor Dey
Mizzou Student and Aspiring Entrepreneur
Image: Mackenzie Murray

Not only did the internship meet my expectations, it exceeded them. The program offered an opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to a real-world project.

Mackenzie Murray
MU ITC Summer 2018 Intern
Image: Nicholas Cohn

The International Trade Center internship experience has not only made me a more attractive interview candidate, but it has given me a unique global mindset that will be lasting. Upon graduation I now plan on seek out job opportunities that have an international component to them.

Nicholas Cohn
MU ITC Summer 2018 Intern
Image: Dezirae Orozco

After seeing so much more of the world with my own eyes, I discovered the major opportunities in expanding business operations internationally. I felt that the best part of this internship was the fact that the hard work my teammates and I were doing mattered.

Dezirae Orozco
MU ITC Summer 2018 Intern