General Trulaske College of Business Scholarships

Students must be accepted and enrolled in the Trulaske College of Business to receive a Trulaske College of Business scholarship. You are required to complete an online scholarship application.

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Scholarship Name   Eligibility
Allan L. Bridgford, Jr. Scholarship   Merit and financial need. Separate application required. Inquire with
Ash Grove Cement Company Scholarship   High school seniors from Kansas City or Springfield, Missouri. ACT and high school class ranking taken into consideration.
AT&T Missouri Undergraduate Scholarship in the College of Business   Missouri resident, minority undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need.
Bill and Connie Yancey Scholarship   Any business student with demonstrated financial need.
Bill and Jolene Schulz Scholarship   Open to upper-level students who demonstrate financial need and maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA. Preference is given to those who are a member of Alpha Kappa Order or Gamma Phi Beta and are residents of Audrain, Boone, Macon or Shelby, Missouri, counties. 
Boeing Undergraduate Scholarship   Sophomore or junior in MKT, MGT, or FIN. 3.0 min GPA. 
Bruce and Pam Walker Leadership Scholarship   Participant of the Cornell Leadership Program. 
Buffett Eisen Entrepreneurship Scholarships    Missouri resident, work part-time, financial need based, undergraduate. 
Business Women of St. Louis Scholarship    Resident of greater St. Louis, MO, area. First preference to female students. 
C. Ray Holman Undergraduate Scholarship   Need based, interest in Accountancy, and resident of Missouri.
Chad A. Phillips Scholarship   Acceptance to Upper Level. 
Charles A. Hoyt Scholarship Fund   First time college student, Missouri resident; financial need; character and scholarship. 
Charles R. and Greta G. Johnson Scholarship   Senior with financial need; Missouri resident; Scholarship. 
Charles S. and Theda H. Estep Scholarship   Minimum 2.500 GPA.
Charles W. and Helen McKenny Memorial Scholarship in Business   Graduate of King City High School in King City, MO. 
Christine Hauschild Columbia Local Business Women of Missouri Scholarship   Preference to current Mizzou junior or senior female who exhibits financial need; secondary criteria are activities, work experience, and good character. 
Clay Hill Scholarship Fund   Resident of Kansas City metropolitan area. Primary criterion is financial need; secondary criteria are activities and scholarship. 
David and Jeannie Price Scholarship Fund   Full-time Trulaske College of Business junior or senior exhibiting scholarship ability, extracurricular activities, work experience, and good character. 
David Forsee and Deanne Stedem Foree Scholarship Fund   Student in College of Business.
David G. Wasinger "Anything is Possible" Scholarship   Incoming junior, GPA greater than 3.75, demonstrate leadership, character, integrity, ingenuity and perseverance in overcoming adversity.
David R. and Jeanne Toombs Scholarship   Merit and financial need.
David W. Lewis Family Fund   Based on scholarship and need.
David T. and Judy O'Neal, Jr. Scholarship in Business   Missouri resident, financial need based, undergraduate.
Delmar and Glenna Burton Scholarship    Merit and financial need.
Donald R. Egloff Memorial Fund   Student majoring in Accountancy or Finance; Scholarship (Jr. or Sr.).
Earle G. and Ottoline N. Spragg Memorial Scholarship    Finance major, enrolled or having completed a real estate course. Merit.
Edward and Ann Rapp Scholarship   Financial need, first preference to students from Cooper Co., MO. Renewable.
Edward Jones Alumni Scholarship   Sophomore or junior Finance and Banking or Marketing students with preference given to minority students.  Selected recipients shall exhibit academic excellence and show promise for success in their chosen field, with financial need being a consideration if necessary to break a tie.  Recipients may be offered summer internships with Edward Jones.
Flegel-Keyser Scholarship   Merit and financial need.
Franklin Family Undergraduate Scholarship   Missouri resident, graduate of Sedalia Smith-Cotton High School, financial need based, undergraduate.
Gerye and Mary Pat Burson Scholarship   Full-time undergraduate.
Gladys M. Wagner Scholarship   Awarded to business or accountancy major with a disability. Also based on scholarship, financial need and character.
H.R. and Alberta B. Ponder Scholarship Fund   Based on academic excellence and financial need.
Hanni-Lori Vogelweid Scholarship    Full-time Business student
Harry Gunnison Brown Alpha Kappa Psi Scholarship Fund   Undergraduates; scholastic ability; financial need. Based upon participation in business or campus activities.
Harry M. and Ann Cornell Scholarship in Business   Missouri resident, Need based, undergraduate.
Henry Hatch Green Memorial Scholarship Fund in Administration   Academic excellence, character, citizenship and leadership.
J. Charles Groom Memorial Fund   Full-time student.
Jack L. and Coline Hampton Sutherland Scholarship in the College of Business   Missouri resident, Need based, undergraduate.
James Pace Family Scholarship   First preference to a graduate of Hickman High School, second preference to a graduate from any Boone Co., MO high school, financial need, part-time work experience during college.
Janet and Ray Pullen Scholarship   Academic merit.
John E. Miller Scholarship Fund    Full-time business student; based on need, scholarship, and evidence of future success in business world.
Kansas City Alumni Association Scholarship    Students from Kansas City area who meet GPA requirements. Separate application required.
Keith Stenger Memorial Award   Merit-based; senior who has excelled  in business course with an emphasis in ethics.
Kenneth M. and Colleen F. Butler Scholarship in the College of Business    Missouri resident, first time college student, Undeclared Accountancy, need based, undergraduate.
Kenneth R. and Mary Louise Ahmann Scholarship   Junior or senior, preference given to students from St. Charles County, MO; selection is based on scholarship, need and leadership.
Kiwanis Raymond W. and Buena Lansford Scholarship Fund   Academic achievement; community and college service; and financial need. Membership in a high-school Kiwanis Key Club or college Circle "K" Club will be considered.
Krombach Scholarship    First time college student, graduate of greater St. Louis area, top 15% of high school graduating class, scored 29 or greater on ACT.
L. Daryl and Joann Denise Daniels-Smith Scholar in the Vasey Academy    Graduate of a high school in Columbia, MO, minority student.
Lela Kidwell Nolen Memorial Fund    Female, based on merit.
LeRoy Vogel Family Scholarship   Preference to incoming student pursuing a degree in Accountancy. Recipient must be a graduate of Bowling Green High School who is in the top 33% of the high school class as well as the top 33% of ACT scores. Scholarship is awarded when recipient is admitted to the Upper Level.
Lyle and Charlene Brizendine Leadership   Preference to student accepted to the Cornell Leadership Program and a graduate of a Lee's Summit, MO high school.
Margaret C. and Charles I. Skouby Memorial Scholarship   Entering freshmen from Maries, Gasconade, and Osage counties.
Mark S. Foster Business Scholarship    Platte Co., Missouri resident, need based, undergraduate.
Mary E. and Martha J. Briegel Scholarship   Financial need; scholarship; female.
Matthew Rose Leadership Scholarship   Score of 29 or greater on ACT or 1250 on SAT, top 15% of high school graduating class, demonstrate leadership.
Merrill Lynch Scholarship   Minority students, merit and financial need.
Michael G. Gerken Family Scholarship   Academic merit
Mick and Kathy Aslin Scholarship   Need based, undergraduate. Top 15% of high school graduating class, score of 29 or greater on ACT, demonstration of leadership skills
Mike and Julie Wood Scholarship   First preference given to students that graduated from Chillicothe High School, second preference to Livingston County High School, and third preference to Grundy County High School. Academic achievement is the primary criteria.
Noel William Palmeter Memorial Award   Junior or senior enrolled in any four-year Reserve Officer Training Corps program, based on personal integrity, devotion to duty as well as scholarship and other personal characteristics giving evidence of future success rather than upon financial need.
Penfield Scholarship   Junior or Senior, GPA.
Pettus Family Scholarship   Incoming freshman leaders from the St. Louis metropolitan area with high academic achievement and financial need. Scholarship covers all tuition, room, and board minus any federal, state, or other institutional scholarship and grant aid. Underrepresented minorities in higher education are particularly encouraged to apply. This scholarship is not awarded every year.
Phillip and Suzanne Skelly Scholarship Fund   Recipient must be in the College of Business and have a minimum GPA of 2.5.
Ponder Minority Scholarship    Based on strong background in mathematics, high-school class rank, grade point average, ACT score, and ethnicity and geographic location. Scholarship may continue at reduced amounts over next three years.
Raymond F. and Mary A. O'Brien Scholarship   GPA requirement
Richard C. Green Memorial Scholarship Fund   Graduate of a high school in a town served by the Missouri Public Service Co.; scholastic achievement and financial need.
Robert Gates Paris and Samuel Wells Paris Endowed Scholarship   Financial Need, GPA.
Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. Scholarship   Merit and Financial need along with a separate application. You can download and submit the application to
Robert W. Lisle Scholarship   Worthy student from Bates County Missouri. Open to undergraduate and graduate business majors.
Roger M. and Sandra F. Vasey Scholarship in Business   Missouri resident, need based, undergraduate.
Ronnie and Evelyn Hart Scholarship   Graduate of Schuyler County R-I High School.
Sam Cook Digges Scholarship   Continuing, financial need, GPA.
Sam M. Walton Scholarship in Business    Available to business students entering their freshman, sophomore, junior or senior years who are seeking a degree in finance, management or marketing with the intention of pursuing a career in retailing. Based on financial need and academic achievement. These scholarships are renewable upon satisfactory progress toward a business degree and part-time retail work experience. Separate application is required. You can download and submit the application to
Sherlock Hibbs Undergraduate Scholarship   Undergraduate students who were in the 50th-90th percentile in High School and who are financially needy, but not eligible for federal Pell grants. Recipients shall exhibit diligence and strength of character as attested to by letters from their high school teachers and/or counselors. This scholarship is not awarded every year.
St. Louis Alumni Association Scholarship   Students who live in the St. Louis area or surrounding counties, have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 and are actively involved in school or community service.
Special Talent Scholarship    Two entering freshmen who demonstrate exceptional talent in business.
Stuart L. and Phyllis Ann Bascomb Scholarship   Missouri resident, need based, undergraduate.
Theodore W. and Patricia A. Hellman Scholarship   First preference is given to students who are members of Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity who are majoring in Business. Second preference shall be given to any student majoring in Business. Academic achievement is the main criteria.
Thomas G. and Mary G. Granneman Scholarship in the College of Business   Missouri resident, need based, undergraduate.
Thomas H. and Bonnie L. Reese Scholarship   First preference to a graduate of Lebanon High School, preference given to incoming student, Undeclared Accountancy, renewable is admitted to the Upper Level in Accountancy and remains in good academic standing.
Tigers Credit Union   Employee or intern of Tigers Credit Union
Wells Family Scholarship   Current student enrolled in the Cornell Leadership Program
William A. and Christine A. Linnenbringer Scholarship in Business   Need based, undergraduate.
William C. and Jacqueline D. Bollinger Undergraduate Scholarship   Need based, undergraduate.
William G. Corrinne Little Scholarship in Business   Missouri resident, need based, undergraduate.
Y.D. and Glady Adair Memorial Scholarship   Graduate of Odessa High School (Odessa, MO) and financial need.