Financial Support Package

All PhD students in the School of Accountancy receive a four-year commitment for a 12-month annual financial support package, subject to satisfactory performance in the program which is evaluated on a semester-by-semester basis (discussed below). Students are required to work 20 hours per week as a half-time research assistant (RA) or a teaching assistant (TA) during the fall and winter semesters and in the summers are required to work as a half-time RA or TA. In addition the university’s standard RA/TA stipend, and the College Ponder Scholarship, additional scholarships may also be available from the School of Accountancy or the University of Missouri for exceptional applicants.

Acceptance of the financial support package requires that there be no substantive outside employment while receiving support from the university. If a student is not finished after four years but is making good progress on completing a dissertation, the Director of the School of Accountancy may, at his/her discretion and subject to teaching needs, appoint the student to a half-time TA. No financial support is provided after five years in any circumstances.