PhD in Marketing

MRKTNG 9010 Introduction to Research Methods in Marketing (1-3)

Introduces students to the research process. Examines philosophy of science, constructs and measurement, issues regarding validity, and hypothesis-testing. Provides an overview of experimental and survey research methods, with introduction to qualitative research, model-building, and research using secondary data. Prerequisites: PhD students only with instructor’s consent.

MRKTNG 9020 Seminar in Advanced Research Methods in Marketing (1-3)

Familiarizes students with advanced research methods in marketing, emphasizing problem development and conceptualization, operationalization of research questions, measurement, and survey research. Prerequisites: MRKTNG 9010 or equivalent; PhD students only with instructor’s consent.

MRKTNG 9030 Seminar in Applied Multivariate Analysis in Marketing (1-3)

Familiarizes students with multivariate analysis of data used for research in marketing. Emphasizes application of multivariate methods, presentation of results, and defending the methods and results. Topics include setting up a data set, performing preliminary assessment of data quality and distribution, assessing measurement quality, and conducting a variety of multivariate statistical analysis such as exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, path and structural equation models, regression, logistic regression, discriminant analysis, cluster analysis, multi-way frequency analysis, and ANOVA. Prerequisites: basic course in multivariate statistical methods; PhD students only with instructor’s consent.

MRKTNG 9210 Seminar in Marketing Strategy (1-3)

Focuses on research topics that pertain to strategic marketing programs and decisions, such as marketing productivity, services marketing, product innovation management, and pricing, among others. Coverage is also given to defining the domain of research in marketing and to the development and use of related theories. Prerequisites: PhD students only with instructor’s consent.

MRKTNG 9220 Seminar in Marketing Models (1-3)

Familiarizes students with quantitative modeling approaches to address a variety of marketing problems. The focus is on the nature, relevance, and properties of mathematical models and analytical methods that are employed to address various types of marketing decisions. Students will gain an understanding of the process of model-building, testing, and implementation. Prerequisites: PhD students only with instructor’s consent.

MRKTNG 9230 Seminar in Consumer Behavior (1-3)

Exposes doctoral students to perspectives on consumer behavior that draw from a variety of disciplines, including marketing, psychology, decision theory, sociology, and cultural anthropology. Students also learn about the different methods researchers employ to study consumers. Covers both classic and contemporary literature. Students are encouraged to evaluate and synthesize existing literature in the pursuit of new research ideas. Prerequisites: PhD students only with instructor’s consent.