Online Master of Science in Finance Academics

Flexibility to fit your schedule

The online Master of Science in Finance will require completion of 30 credit hours during a minimum of three consecutive semesters (Fall, Spring, and Summer). Offerings of online MS Finance courses are either 8-week 1.5 credit hour courses or 16-week 3.0 credit hour courses. Students may take the coursework over multiple years to assist with professional and personal commitments. Students working more than 30-hours per week will be required to attend part-time.


Sample Plan of Study

The plan of study is designed for a student to complete the coursework in one year. Students may enroll part-time due to professional and personal commitments. Required coursework may be waived based on a student's undergraduate coursework, professional credentials, or work experience. Waived courses will be replaced by elective coursework. In order to graduate, a minimum of 30 graduate credit hours must be completed.

Required Courses

  • FIN 7420: Managerial Finance II (1.5 Credit Hours)
  • FIN 8350: Financial Statement Analysis I (1.5)
  • FIN 8352: Financial Statement Analysis II (1.5)
  • FIN 8450: Ethics & Standards of Financial Practices (1.5)

Electives: Choose Six Credit Hours

  • FIN 8330: Investment Policy & Portfolio Management (3.0)
  • FIN 8360: Equity Securities Analysis (3.0)
  • FIN 8380: Investment Banking  (3.0)
  • FIN 8430: Capital Budgeting (3.0)

Required Courses

  • FIN 7220: Economics for Managers (1.5)
  • FIN 8310: Financial Databases & Analysis (1.5)
  • FIN 8312: Financial Modeling (1.5)
  • FIN 8320: Financial Markets (1.5)

Electives: Choose Six Credit Hours

  • FIN 8340: Derivative Securities (3.0)
  • FIN 8370: Fixed-Income Securities Analysis (3.0)
  • FIN 8410: Advanced Financial Management (3.0)


  • FIN 8012: International Financial Markets (3.0)
  • FIN 8510: Management of Financial Institutions (3.0)


Any 7000 or 8000 level online course in FINANCE (minimum of 9 credit hours)

Any 7000 or 8000 level online course, with the approval of the Director of the MS Finance program, offered by the following departments:

  • Agricultural Economics
  • Architectural Studies
  • Economics, Management
  • Marketing
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Statistics
  • School of Accountancy
  • School of Law 

A master’s thesis project is not a requirement for the MS Finance degree. Students may elect to write a thesis with the approval of the Director of the MS Finance program. The thesis will be assigned from 3 to 6 elective credit hours.

The MS in Finance program includes an optional international study abroad experience. The experience involves travel for one week to a selected international location and features activities such as:

  • Visits to business and government organizations,
  • Classes taught by professors from a host-country university, and
  • Cultural experiences in the host country.

The MS Finance program intends to support the international experience by providing financial assistance for the price of an economy-class airline ticket from the country of the student’s residence to the site location.

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