Crosby MBA Academics

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The online Crosby MBA requires completion of 45 credit hours during a minimum of three semesters (Fall, Spring, Fall). The curriculum is made up of 8-week 1.5 credit hour courses and 16-week 3.0 credit hour courses. Students may take the coursework over multiple years to assist with professional and personal commitments. 

Admissions Requirements

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Crosby MBA Curriculum

Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
ACCTCY 8310Accounting for Managers3
FINANC 8110Managerial Finance1.5
FINANC 8220Economics for Business1.5
MANGMT 8390Organizational Behavior and Management: Macro Processes1.5
MANGMT 8960Intro to Strategic Management1.5
MRKTNG 8460Managerial Marketing1.5
MRKTNG 8470Advanced Marketing Management1.5
Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
BUS_AD 8500Business Consulting: Field Project3
BUS_AD 7050MBA Communication Practice1.5
JOURN 7242Strategic Communication Leadership3
BUS_AD 7340Ethics and Leadership1.5
MANGMT 7450Business Analytics3
MRKTNG 8720Global Business Environment1.5
MANGMT 8010MBA Professional Development1.5


Course TitleCredit Hours

One certificate either offered exclusively from or jointly with the Trulaske College of Business

Elective courses at the graduate level from Trulaske College of Business3-6

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Accelerated Crosby MBA

The Accelerated Crosby MBA provides Mizzou Business undergraduate students with the opportunity to begin MBA coursework during their senior year. Students will complete their MBA with one additional year of full-time study beyond their undergraduate degree. Students will gain knowledge of business fundamentals through core graduate business hours, professional skills courses, the selection of one graduate certificate, and 6 credit hours of electives offered through the College of Business. Undergraduate coursework will count towards MBA requirements.

Students interested in the Accelerated Crosby MBA will apply during their junior year. The Accelerated Crosby MBA program is currently accepting applications for the Fall 2023 semester (for students with an anticipated undergraduate graduation date of Spring 2024).

Admissions Requirements

Interested in the Accelerated Crosby MBA? Click here to schedule a phone call or Zoom meeting at a time that fits your schedule.

Transfer Students

Transfer students are welcome to apply to the Crosby MBA program. A maximum of 9 credit hours (20 percent of the number of credit hours required in the Crosby MBA) may be graduate credits transferred from another regionally accredited institution. Credit transfer must be no more than 8 years old at the time of graduation and must be recommended by the student’s advisor and approved by the academic program’s director of graduate studies and the Graduate School. Transfer students will complete the traditional Crosby MBA application process to be considered for admission. Questions about how your graduate-level courses might transfer? Contact Sarah Fragiskatos at