Crosby MBA Academics

A curriculum individualized for you

Academic excellence is a hallmark of the Crosby MBA Program. At Mizzou, you'll experience curriculum designed to give you the tools to make business decisions while working with award-winning faculty. The program focuses on experiential learning including case studies, real-world-in-real-time projects and group interaction.

We’ll work with you from the outset to evaluate and identify your career interests and goals. Then we’ll build a customized curriculum to prepare you for a rewarding career path.

Classes are held in-person, on campus and mostly during the day.

Complete the Program In...

months (full-time)
credit hours
credits of electives

Plan of Study

Semester 1: Fall (16.5 credits)

  • BUS AD 7050: MBA Communications Practice (3)
  • BUS AD 8010: MBA Seminar (1.5)
  • ACCTCY 7310: Accounting for Managers (3)
  • FINANC 7210: Microeconomics for Business (1.5)
  • MANGMT 7420: Managerial Statistics (1.5)
  • MANGMT 7430: Operations Strategy (1.5)
  • MANGMT 7470: Data Analysis for Managers (1.5)
  • MANGMT 7480: Managerial Analytics (1.5)
  • MANGMT 7970: Intro Strategic Management(1.5)

Semester 2: Spring (15 credits)

  • BUS AD 7340: Business Ethics & Leadership (1.5)
  • FINANC 7440: Managerial Finance (3)
  • MANGMT 7380: Org Behavior & Mgmt - Individual (1.5)
  • MANGMT 7390: Org Behavior & Mgmt - Macro (1.5)
  • MANGMT 7410: Management Info Systems (1.5)
  • MRKTNG 7460: Managerial Marketing (1.5)
  • MRKTNG 7470: Adv. Marketing Management (1.5)
  • Open ELECTIVE (3)

Semester 3: Fall (13.5 credits)

  • FINANC 8350: Financial Statement Analysis I (1.5)
  • BUS AD 8030: MBA Seminar (1.5)
  • BUS AD 8500: Business Problem Analysis (3)
  • Marketing ELECTIVE (3)
  • Open ELECTIVES (4.5)

Semester 4: Spring (12 credits)

  • MANGMT 8970: Strategy and Global Comp.(1.5)
  • Finance ELECTIVE (3)
  • Open ELECTIVES (7.5)

The above plan of study is designed for a student to complete the coursework in four semesters (full-time). There are options to complete the program part-time based on professional and personal commitments if a student has the flexibility to attend classes during the day on the MU campus.


Crosby MBA Course Catalog Course offerings vary by semester. This is list represents recent course offerings. To see course descriptions, visit the Office of Graduate Studies' catalog and scroll down to electives.
  • BUS_AD 8600: Business Consulting (3)
  • BUS_AD 8730: International Study Abroad (1.5-3)

All organizations require a budget, prudent management of that budget, and strategies for growth and expansion. Finance has been called the creation, allocation and management of wealth. 

  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA): The MBA curriculum provides background knowledge for the Level 1 CFA exam as it tests principles in finance, accounting, economics, and statistics. Partial scholarships may be available.
    • FIN 7830, CFA Review (Spring)
  • Investment courses: There are cross-disciplinary classes that provide students the opportunity to learn venture capital investment strategies through the first-hand experience of investing in high-growth startup companies.
    • FIN 7020, Investments (every semester)
    • FIN 7840, Angel Capital Program (every semester)
    • FIN 8620, Investment Strategies of Warren Buffett (Spring)
    • FIN 7820, Investment Fund Management (every semester)
    • FIN 8330, Investment Policy & Portfolio Management (Fall)
    • FIN 8360, Equity Securities Analysis (Spring)
  • Corporate Finance
    • ACCTCY 8453, Taxes & Business Strategies (Fall)
    • AG ECON 7201, Microeconomic Theory & Applications (Fall)
    • FIN 8350, Financial Statement Analysis I (Fall)
    • FIN 8352, Financial Statement Analysis II (Fall)
    • FIN 8510, Management of Financial Institutions (Spring)
  • MS Finance online courses available to Crosby students
    • FIN 8310, Financial Databases & Analysis (Spring)
    • FIN 8312, Financial Modeling (Spring)
    • FIN 8320, Financial Markets (Fall)
    • FIN 8340, Derivative Financial Securities (Spring)
    • FIN 8370, Fixed Income Securities Analysis (Spring)
    • FIN 8380, Investment Banking (Fall)
    • FIN 8430, Capital Budgeting (Fall)
    • FIN 8450, Ethics & Standards of Financial Practice (Fall)

Effective management is crucial for any enterprise to accomplish its goals. Our courses focus on the perspective of a general manager making strategic decisions critical to an organization's success in a competitive environment.

  • Experience Entrepreneurship: Students prepare a business plan for a real business start-up client, then participate in an investor-presentation competition, competing to earn real dollars for their clients and for themselves.
  • Prepare Real-World Business Plans: Select highly-qualified MBA students work for the Missouri Innovation Center and for the Small Business and Technology Development Center. In these roles they collaborate with start-up clients to create a business plan that will bring to success to the client.
  • Collaboration with Journalism Students: MBA students can join students at Mizzou’s top Journalism School for the Entrepreneurship and Media of the Future course. In collaboration with a business client, they craft strategies, revenue models and solutions to real-world problems.
  • Consulting
    • BA 8730, International Travel Experience (Intersession)
    • BA 8600, Business Consulting (every semester)
    • MANGMT 8001, Turnaround Strategy & Management (Spring)
  • Participation in Case Competitions Entrepreneurship & Innovation Strategy
    • MANGMT 8200, Commercialization of Life Science Innovations (Spring)
    • MANGMT 8550, Launching a High Growth Venture (Fall)
    • MANGMT 8054, Entrepreneurship and Media of the Future (Spring)
    • FIN 7840, Angel Capital Program (every semester)
  • Global Supply Chain Management
    • MANGMT 7070, Intro Supply Chain Management (every semester)
    • MANGMT 7201, Purchasing & Supply Management (Fall)
    • MANGMT 7080, Managing Global Trade (every semester)
    • MANGMT 7420, Managerial Statistics (Fall)
    • MANGMT 7430, Operations Strategy (Fall)
    • MANGMT 7470, Data Analysis for Managers (Fall)
    • MANGMT 7480, Managerial Analytics (Fall)
    • MANGMT 8510, Project Management (Spring)
    • Certificate in Global Supply Chain Management
  • Healthcare Management
    • MANGMT 8001, The Business of Healthcare (Fall)
    • MANGMT 8200, Commercialization of Life Science Innovations (Spring)
    • Certificate in Life Science Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • International Business
    • BA 8730, International Travel Experience (Intersession)
    • MANGMT 7080, Managing Global Trade (every semester)
    • MANGMT 8100, Exploring the Digital Globe (Fall)
    • MRKTNG 8720, International Marketing (Spring)
    • Certificate in Digital Globe
  • Managerial Decision Making
    • BA 8600, Business Consulting (every semester)
    • MANGMT 8001, United Way Board Fellows (Spring)
    • MANGMT 8100, Exploring the Digital Globe (Fall)
    • MANGMT 8360, Negotiations (Spring)
    • MANGMT 8510, Project Management (Spring)
    • MANGMT 8900, Corporate Governance (Spring)

Every business, organization, and consumer inherently engages in marketing activity. Marketing – including sales, advertising and product development - occurs at every stage of the commercial exchange process.

  • Training: SAS is a widely used program for statistical analysis, and Mizzou offers several levels of training classes for students. The Graduate Programs Office also hosts Tableau training each spring.
  • Exposure to R, Python and Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence: These are cutting-edge tools and approaches to address the many exciting and complex data-driven marketing problems in today’s competitive landscape.
  • We also offer a Certificate in Marketing Analytics.
  • Sales Management
    • MRKTNG 8720, International Marketing (Spring)
    • MRKTNG 8760, *Marketing Analytics for Business Decisions (Fall)
  • Marketing Research/Consulting
    • MRKTNG 8760, *Marketing Analytics for Business Decisions (Fall)
    • MRKTNG 8770, *Marketing Databases & SQL (Spring)
    • MRKTNG 8780, *Advanced Marketing Analytics (Fall)
    • BA 8730, International Travel Experience (Intersession)
    • BA 8600, Business Consulting (every semester)
  • Marketing Analytics
    • MRKTNG 8180, *Applied Statistics for Mktg Analytics (Fall)
    • MRKTNG 8760, *Mktg Analytics Business Decisions (Fall)
    • MRKTNG 8770, *Marketing Databases & SQL (Spring)
    • MRKTNG 8780, *Advanced Marketing Analytics (Fall)
    • MRKTNG 8800, *R for Marketing Analytics (Spring)
    • MRKTNG 8810, *Python for Marketing Analytics (Spring)
    • MRKTNG 8820, *Machine Learning & AI Applications in Marketing (TBD)
  • Marketing Analytics Certificate
    • Available to non-degree seeking students as well

* Applies to the Analytics Certificate Course offerings vary by semester; this list represents recent course offerings.


Our faculty have a strong commitment to teaching and are also active in research, authorship and other scholarly work that not only makes scientific contributions, but also contributes to the richness and timeliness of Crosby MBA course offerings. MU faculty members hold corporate board positions as well as prestigious editorial board positions at top journals and the top international business academic journals.


Marketing Analytics

The Trulaske Graduate Certificate in Marketing Analytics will deepen your understanding of Big Data that inform marketing strategies, tasks and decisions. Leverage predictive data modeling and data-mining tools to deliver strategic analytical solutions and create value across markets and industries.

Center for the Digital Globe

The Center for the Digital Globe (CDiG) offers a 12 semester hour graduate certificate program for professional students, non-degree graduate students and graduate degree seeking students. 

Life Science Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The online graduate certificate in life science innovation and entrepreneurship from MU will help you translate biomedical research into health-related and economic benefits. If you want to help bring new discoveries into the marketplace, this may be the certificate for you.

Dual Degrees

Complete two degrees simultaneously in less time than if you work on them separately. Apply for both programs at the same time or start one, then apply for the second during the first year of study. Admission requirements of both programs must be met individually.

Dual Graduate Programs

MBA and Law

Integrate understanding of the business operation with ability to apply laws governing public or corporate organizations.

  • Earn both your MBA and JD in 4 years.
  • MU Law School: Call (573) 882-6042

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MBA and Health Administration

Pursue a business career in the health care industry and benefit from the applicable course work in both of these fields.

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MBA and Masters of Industrial Engineering

Apply the engineer's analytical ability with the manager's integrative perspective to successfully face the complex problems of today’s organizations.

  • Students who already hold an undergraduate degree in industrial engineering may enroll in a 3-year MSIE/MBA program. Students with other engineering degrees may be eligible as well.
  • Industrial Engineering - Call (573) 882-2691

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Dual Programs for Mizzou Undergraduate Students

MU students need to apply during the junior year of the bachelor’s program to begin taking classes during the senior year. After taking 12 hours of MBA coursework during the senior year and graduating with the bachelor’s degree, students will stay one additional year to complete the MBA.

MBA and Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

  • Undergraduate students at MU may enroll in a 5-year BSIE/MBA program.
  • Industrial Engineering - Call (573) 882-2691

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MBA and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

  • Undergraduate students at MU may enroll in a 5-year IT/MBA program.
  • Information Technology: Call (573) 882-3843

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