Investment Fund Management

The Mizzou Investment Fund is a roughly $2.3 million portion of the University of Missouri’s endowment portfolio managed by a select group of students from the Trulaske College of Business.  Students participate in the Investment Fund Management (IFM) Program by enrolling in Finance 4820/7820.  The first part of this course introduces students to the research and valuation methods used by professional equity analysts.  Students then apply this material in the second part of the course in managing the IFM portfolio.

Program highlights

Students accepted to the IFM Program have the unique opportunity to

  • Participate in a real-world, portfolio management environment
  • Prepare professional-quality analyst research reports and make presentations of their research to the management team
  • Become proficient in the research platforms (e.g., Bloomberg Professional) and financial modeling techniques used by investment professionals
  • Network with other highly motivated student managers, IFM Program alumni, and professionals in the investment industry

Semester-end report

The Fund’s end-of-semester report summarizes the recent management team’s outlook on the capital markets, details current portfolio holdings, and provides an overview of recent Fund performance.

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Application procedure

Participation in the IFM Program is limited to 12-15 students each semester, and admission to the Program is highly competitive.  We review applications in March (for the Fall Semester class) and October (for the Spring Semester class) of each year to select the management team for the Fund.  The IFM undergraduate application form and instructions on the application process are provided below.   

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