Image: Inder Khurana

Inder K. Khurana

Geraldine Trulaske Chair of Accountancy
447 Cornell Hall
12:00-1:00pm Thursday (Zoom)

Dr. Khurana's research interests are in the areas of financial accounting and auditing. His recent research has focused on financial statement disclosure issues facing regulated and unregulated industries. He has published in several journals, including The Accounting Review, Journal of Accounting Research, Contemporary Accounting Research, Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory, Research in Accounting Regulation, and Advances in Accounting.


B Commerce, Delhi University, 1978; MIM, American Graduate School of International Management, 1985; PhD, Arizona State University, 1989


Nargess, N. M., Khurana, I. K., Silva, F. B. G. 2023. "Financial Transparency, Labor Productivity, and Real Wages: Evidence from Mandatory IFRS Adoption". Journal of International Accounting Research, (2023). DOI:

Baer, Leah, Inder Khurana, and Hoyoun Kyung. 2023. “Internal Control and the Insider versus Outsider CEO Choice.” Journal of Management Accounting Research 35 (2): 43-68. 

Khurana, Inder, and Hoyoun Kyung. 2021. “Internal Control Material Weakness and CEO Recruitment.” Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 48 (9-10): 1940-1987. 

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