Trulaske Edge Requirements

We want to ensure that you succeed when you make that transition from the classroom to the board room. As a participant in the Trulaske Edge, you will gain the skills and experiences necessary for success in the professional world. These skills include the ability to lead and motivate others, adapt to change, learn continuously, manage your personal and professional development and communicate your ideas effectively, both as a writer and a speaker. This comprehensive program will ensure that you graduate with the ability to apply your knowledge in a practical business environment.

The Trulaske Edge is divided into three main components. The following are graduation requirements for a Bachelor of Science in business administration:

  • Each student must earn a minimum of 200 Edge points in order to graduate. The points are earned by participating in multiple workshops, events and professional development experiences throughout your time in the college. The Trulaske Edge offers more than 200 opportunities to earn points each fall and winter semester. Topics include The Art of Networking, How to Become an Interview All-S.T.A.RManaging Your Online Image and BrandEarning the Trust of Others and Influencing Up. Students also receive professional development points for experiences such as the Trulaske College of Business Alumni Mentor Program, contemporary books on business series and a presentation skills series.
  • Students must earn a minimum of 70 and maximum of 100 Edge points for admission into the upper level in the College of Business.
  • Once admitted into the upper level, students must complete the rest of the 200 points in order to graduate.

(3 credit hours) BA 4500 is a required course taken in conjunction with an internship experience. There are 3 internship options:

  • Domestic internship: 8-16 consecutive weeks and minimum of 120 work hours
  • International internship: minimum of 5 consecutive weeks and 150 work hours
  • Internship + summer Trulaske study abroad: minimum of 4 consecutive weeks and 120 work hours with an international focus (internship must be completed within 3 months before or 3 months after summer Trulaske study abroad program)

The internship can be either paid or unpaid. Internship opportunities must be approved by the Edge office at least 3 weeks prior to your start date.

For additional information regarding workshops or internships, please contact the BA 4500 office at or (573) 884-2007.

Please email the Edge Office at if you have any questions.