University of Missouri Investment Group

The University of Missouri Investment Group (UMIG) is sponsored by the Trulaske College of Business’ Jeffrey E. Smith Institute of Real Estate and Capital Markets, which enhances the Trulaske curriculum by providing support in the areas of real estate and capital markets. 

UMIG facilitates opportunities for students to interact with professionals in high finance, and provides a variety of educational and networking opportunities for students interested in investment banking, private equity, asset management and other careers in capital markets. 

We are proud to partner with and learn from Finance|able. Each semester, UMIG students receive training from Finance|able's Mike Kimpel, whom has served 15+ years in the finance industry working with companies around the globe. Finance|able was created to "help you more easily go from the 'ground floor' with zero knowledge to pro-level abilities with simple, intuitive materials that aim to minimize your study time and maximize retention." Their Finance Analyst Starter Kit is a great resource that can help to break down tough financial concepts that are crucial in order to succeed both in your interviews and on the job. 


General meetings are held on Tuesday nights from 5 p.m. in 115 Cornell Hall on the University of Missouri campus. Weekly lessons taught by members of the Associate’s Program inform the general group about careers in high finance, different methods of valuation, and news surrounding the world of finance. After an eight-week bootcamp is completed, general members are encouraged to apply for the upper-level Associate’s Program.

Members of the Associate’s Program complete a competitive interview process designed to mimic the real interviews for jobs in capital markets such as investment banking and private equity. Associate's Program members receive priority and exclusive access to our alumni network database, corporate trips, technical finance training seminars, networking events with experienced professionals, resume drops, and more.

Join our organization here on MU Engage, and you will begin receiving email notifications from UMIG. Membership is open to any student at Mizzou, regardless of major. Reach out to Gunner Noble (President) at with additional questions.

Corporate Visits

UMIG travels each academic year to visit Mizzou alumni working in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Kansas City and St. Louis. The purpose of these trips is to connect Associate’s Program members to Mizzou alumni.

Show Me the Facts

Total number of students in the UMIG Associate's Program
Average cumulative GPA amongst UMIG Associate's Program members
Percentage of UMIG Associate's Program students that receive full-time job offers after graduation

UMIG Executive Board

UMIG’s executive board’s members seek to improve the quality of existing UMIG programs while creating new opportunities for students to interact with professionals throughout the business community. Below are the current members for the 2022 calendar year. 

Associate Members

Brian Baker - Five Elms Capital
Jess Fisher - William Blair
Carson Lujin - Goldman Sachs
Mateo Mateo-Mateo - Credit Suisse
Drew Patel - Risk Harbor
David Retherford - BASF
Lorien Stevens - Goldman Sachs
Sam Talkington - Jefferies
Samantha Trout - Commerce
Truman Webb - Stifel
Colby Winner - EY

December '22 and May '23 Graduates

Hunter Bernardi
Jack Biermann
Kira Bond
Stephen Bowen
Theo Dehopere
Garrett Gross
Keejuan Harris
Ben Hawkins
Ankit Jain
Gunner Noble
Myles Opdahl
Abhilash Parath
Grant Robinson
Richard Strifler

December '23 and May '24 Graduates

Keeley Van Antwerp
Imari Bramlett
Luke Davis
Jacob Fajen
Blake Harris
Tyler Hogue
Dontae Horace
Tyler Kalata
Dylan Kay
Fletcher Orr
Eric Peasel
Kevin Peng
Ethan Peter
Isaac Plumlee
Dylan Stovall
Clayton Thompson

December '23 and May '24 Graduates

Jacob Bowen
Trevor Demay
Grace Demetrician
Ryan Edwards
Michael Heinlein
Kyle Klosterman
Joe Miles
Jayme Opdahl
Caden Todor
Michael Workineh

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University of Missouri Investment Group (UMIG)

UMIG provides Mizzou students with practical knowledge and skills pertaining to careers in capital markets.