Image: Empty Atrium with large screen

Atrium Screen Submission

Design and Submission Guidelines for the Cornell Hall Atrium Daktronics screen

The Daktronics screen in the Cornell Hall Atrium is a great place for faculty, staff and student organizations of the Trulaske College of Business can share announcements for the college’s upcoming events and general news. Please read the guidelines below for creating and submitting your slides to the Trulaske College of Business before making your submission.


  • We will only post slides for events and announcements related to faculty, staff and students (i.e. organizations) of the Trulaske College of Business or an event hosted in Cornell Hall.
  • We ask that your requested publication date be AT LEAST one week before your event takes place. This allows the college time to approve and publish your slide as well as give plenty of time for your slide to run on the screen.
  • There is a specific size and aspect-ratio for the screen. Please use our pre-sized PowerPoint file to assist in creating your slide. (Click to download.) Save files as "atrium_screen_[eventname][year]," e.g. "atrium_screen_bweekschedule2018"


  • Mizzou and the Trulaske College of Business maintain a consistent identity standard, including logos, fonts and colors. Find more information on these standards at We may initially reject a slide if incorrect logos are used and cannot be easily removed or replaced.
    • The college no longer uses the “MIZ BIZ” brand mark. Please refrain from using this mark on your designs.
    • While the university has specific official fonts, we only ask that fonts be legible and easy-to-read on the screen. Avoid specialized fonts that may not be widely available on most computers.
  • Ensure that foreground and background colors used meet minimum web accessibility contrast standards. Click here to check your colors.
  • For slides with events, be sure to include the time, date and location on your slide. Also be sure to identify the sponsoring/hosting organization.
  • Avoid putting too much information on the screen. The slide will only be up for a short time before the next slide advances. If additional information is required, consider making the information available to access online and including the URL.
  • Avoid using the acronym "TCoB." Use "Trulaske College of Business" on the first reference and "Trulaske" on any subsequent references.
  • Because of the size and location of the Atrium Screen, QR codes should not be part of your submitted slide. 
  • If including a web address on your slide, consider using a URL shortener such as bitly to increase legibility.


  • Once you are ready to submit your slide, save it as a PowerPoint file (.ppt or .pptx) and upload via our online submission form below.
  • Slides must be approved before they are published.*

Note: Offices are staffed Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Slides submitted after 5 p.m. will be reviewed the following day. Slides submitted over the weekend will be reviewed the following Monday. (Subject to holidays and other school closures.)