Tap Day Tradition Continues

Tap Day Hero Image Collage

By Kelsey Allen

Meet the seven students and one staff member from the Trulaske College of Business who were inducted into secret societies during the annual Tap Day.

Since 1917, a select group of students has been “tapped” by their peers to join one of Mizzou’s six secretary honorary societies: QEBH, Mystical Seven, LSV, Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa and the Rollins Society. Each society also “honor taps” MU staff and faculty members who have contributed significantly to the university. This year, seven students and one staff member from the Trulaske College of Business were honored for their service, leadership and commitment to the Mizzou community. Meet the newest inductees from the College of Business.


A national leadership honor society, Omicron Delta Kappa recognizes those who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities and have inspired others to strive for noticeable achievements. The society brings together the most representative students of all phases of campus life to create an organization that helps mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate interests.

Taylor Hayes



Business Administration, Management

Troy, Missouri

First thing I thought when I found out I was tapped: My best friend since freshman year and I used to study in the archway above Memorial Union where they keep some Tap Day memorabilia. We made it our one goal that one of us would get into a Tap Day society before we graduated. When I found out I was tapped, my jaw physically dropped to the floor. My first thought was of my friend, thinking, “Oh, my gosh, I really did that!” I could not stop smiling and freaking out (silently to myself, of course). It was probably one of the hardest secrets I’ve ever had to keep.

Favorite class in the College of Business and why: My favorite class so far has been ACCTY 2258 with Professor Hockman. This class seemed simple at first but truthfully taught me the most applicable skills out of any other class. In my current job, I manage Excel spreadsheets every single day, and I have saved hours of time and struggling simply by knowing the information taught in this class. I’m also just a huge fan of Excel, so learning more about it and its many features was fun to me.

Why service is important to me: Serving has always felt important to me because you truly never know when you will be in the shoes of those you serve. Whether it be donating to Truman’s Closet, the food bank or even domestic violence shelters, something could happen tomorrow that would put you in a situation in which you depend on organizations like this. I serve because I want people to feel safe and secure no matter what their needs are. This life isn’t easy on anyone, and if I can make a difference by spending an hour of time helping organize food or donating clothes I don’t wear, I will.

Most people don’t know: That I own and operate a small business here in Columbia. I make and sell cake pops for Mizzou students, families and the surrounding communities.

Thing I’ll miss most about Columbia after graduation: The people and traditions Mizzou has to offer. The reason I even chose Mizzou was because I came out for Homecoming weekend my senior year of high school to hang out with my friend who was a year older. After experiencing that strong tradition and all the festivities, I have not had second thoughts about my decision to come here since. The energy surrounding Mizzou and its traditions truly makes this place feel like a home to me. The fact that I can be anywhere on campus and in a walk from point A to point B I will see someone I know makes me feel so complete. I plan to come back to celebrate Homecoming for years to come and hope to never lose that sense of my Mizzou family.”

Liz Luddy



International Business with German, Marketing and Sales Certificates

Omaha, Nebraska

Advice I’d give my pre-lockdown self: I would tell myself to focus on my relationships with my friends and loved ones and the things I am passionate about. It’s one thing to do something that makes you happy, but if you are passionate about something, it is a whole new incredible experience.

Favorite class in the College of Business and why: Personal Selling with Keene! I took this class this semester and truly enjoyed every second. Keene does a great job of getting the class involved. A lot of the learning is through actual experience, and I think that is the best way you can learn. My favorite part of this class, however, is the people I have met. We were split into different groups throughout the semester, and I have gotten really close with my group as well as other individuals in the class.

I am proudest of: My time as a Camp Trulaske director. This past year, I was given the opportunity to work alongside five other individuals to plan camp for this past fall. This was something that was incredibly difficult, especially with the impact from when COVID hit. I was incredibly proud of myself and my team for being able to push through and still plan a camp in the middle of a pandemic, even if it turned out differently than we had planned.

Where I’m headed after graduation: I have a sales internship this summer with Procter & Gamble before heading into my senior year. After I graduate, I hope to be working in sales (hopefully internationally for a little while)!

Favorite quote or saying: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing — that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

Christopher Rueve



Accountancy with Tax and Assurance Certificates

Fenton, Missouri

My leadership style: My leadership style is that of a servant leader. I prefer to lead by example, initiate plans and aid my team along the way. I am one to usually do things, get things done and help people. I love talking to people and helping in any way I can. COVID changed how I prefer to serve others, but I had to adapt and find virtual ways to help others. I am excited to begin having in-person events again so I can serve in person.

Most exciting MU experience: My most exciting MU experience was serving as president of the Trulaske College of Business Student Council. Ever since I first joined Student Council as a freshman, I wanted to serve on the council to make and plan events for the College of Business students and faculty. I loved getting to lead each meeting, solve challenges we faced throughout the year, and find new ways to grow as an organization.

Most people don’t know: That I enjoy reading Supreme Court opinions. I like reading about how the justices came to their conclusions, the arguments they used to get there and how each argument differs from the arguments of other justices.

Words of wisdom for next year’s business school freshmen: You will hear just about everyone tell you to “get involved.” Although this may seem annoying after some time, they are saying that because they have your best interest in mind. Getting involved in organizations as soon as possible is the best way to make friends, gain leadership experience, grow as a person, make mistakes and learn from them, and maybe even find out what you want to major in.

Where I’m headed after graduation or dream job: I have one more year of school because I am in the five-year Master of Accountancy program. However, after graduation, I will be working for an accounting firm in St. Louis. I plan to stay in St. Louis, marry my girlfriend a few years later and settle down in St. Louis. My dream job would be to be a Supreme Court justice, a CFO or the head partner of a tax department at an accounting firm. I believe the last job is the most realistic, and I hope to achieve that dream in the future. That way I can stay in St. Louis with my future family and have a stable job.

Keeley Van Antwerp




Chesterfield, Missouri

First thing I thought when I found out I was tapped: That my younger self would be so excited! I have been fascinated with secret societies ever since I learned that my aunt was in one at the University of Michigan.

Favorite class in the College of Business and why: Accounting 2 has been my favorite class so far because Professor Gingrich was a great professor and went above and beyond in helping her students. This class solidified my decision to be an accounting major because I genuinely enjoyed the course content, even though it was challenging at times.

Most people don’t know: I can’t snap or whistle, no matter how many people try to teach me.

I am proudest of: This semester I was able to serve as the vice president of membership for my business fraternity and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I worked alongside one of my friends and was able to mentor the new members through the pledgeship process. Watching them grow personally and professionally while forming lifelong friendships was one of my proudest moments.

Words of wisdom for next year’s business school freshmen: One of the most underrated assets is the upperclassmen. Be friends with them! I would not be who I am today without the juniors and seniors who were great mentors during my freshman year and still today.

Mortar Board

Mortar Board provides opportunities for continued leadership development and encourages lifelong contributions to the global community while promoting service to the university.

Johnathan Kimble




Houston, Texas

Favorite class in the College of Business and why: So far, business law. It was an absolutely amazing class that allowed me to learn more about the legal system and Professor Mariea made it far more interesting with her stunning teaching style.

Why service is important to me: I think it important to give back because so many people have given to me. It is so crucial to put that same service and gratitude back into the atmosphere. Being able to serve is to lead by example, and the more you serve, the more others will follow that example and serve as well.

Most exciting MU experience: For a hot minute, I was in Marching Mizzou. One of the most amazing and exciting experiences was standing on Faurot Field getting ready to run out and perform the pregame show. The lights, cameras and atmosphere were exhilarating, and the experience and the feeling I had out there was to die for.

Words of wisdom for next year’s business school freshmen: Don’t say no. If you are presented with an opportunity, whether it be academic, extracurricular or just straight-up fun, take the time and do it if you can. You never know what it may lead to or who you may meet.

Where I’m headed after graduation or dream job: To work for a Big 4 accounting firm. My dream job would be to retire and be a high school marching band director or crossing guard.

Stephanie Ross


Student Services Coordinator

Trulaske College of Business International Relations and Study Abroad Office

Honor Tap

First thing I thought when I found out I was tapped: I was very honored to be tapped because the students select the honorary members. As a staff member, it is great to be recognized by other staff but even more special to be recognized by students.

Why I love working at the College of Business: The students! The Trulaske College of Business has phenomenal students who truly impress me every day. Their passion, excitement for learning and enthusiasm are contagious!

My leadership style: It is really important to me that everyone has a voice in decision-making. I have the pleasure of overseeing many student groups, and when given the chance, our students have incredibly creative ideas.

Most people don’t know: I am a big history nerd! I enjoy listening to history podcasts, reading historical fiction and watching documentaries in my free time.

Favorite quote or saying: “Do what you feel in your heart to be right — for you’ll be criticized anyway.” — Eleanor Roosevelt


Founded in 1898, QEBH is the oldest recognized secret honor society at the university. Its founder desired to unite exemplary campus citizens based on their selfless dedication to the university and excellence in personal character.

Kate Pluenneke



Business Administration, Marketing and Economics

Kansas City, Missouri

First thing I thought when I found out I was tapped: Honestly, it was a wide range of thoughts and emotions. I was so surprised but also honored and excited. To be among a group of so many incredible individuals is very humbling.

Favorite class in the College of Business and why: My favorite class I have taken in the College of Business is business law with Professor Sherry Mariea. I have always had an interest in law, and this class really tied that interest into many business subjects that we studied. Sherry also always went the extra mile for her students and worked really hard to make the class fun and enjoyable!

Most exciting MU experience: My most exciting MU experience was having the opportunity to go to the top of Jesse Hall. This was something I got to do this past fall with my fellow exec board members on the Mizzou Alumni Association Student Board. It was really exciting to see the Quad from up above, and I was happy to cross this tradition off of my list!

Words of wisdom for next year’s business school freshmen: My advice for any incoming freshman would be to enjoy every moment. The years you spend in the College of Business go by fast, so live in the present and enjoy them while you can. I have met some of my best friends through my business classes over the years, so don’t be afraid to reach out to your classmates and peers. 

Thing I’ll miss most about Columbia after graduation: There are so many things I will miss about Columbia after I graduate that I cannot choose just one. Among the many would be Pizza Tree pizza, appetizers at The Heidelberg, home football games and the many nights spent with friends. Most of all, I will miss all of the incredible people that have made Columbia feel like home.

Diondre Sweezer



Business Administration, Management

Chicago, Illinois

First thing I thought when I found out I was tapped: I was very proud of myself. I never really expect much recognition for the things I do. Therefore, when recognition is given, it shows me that I’m actually doing what I’m supposed to do as a leader and an individual. I came to college with little passion, and looking at the things I've accomplished so far, it really just lets me know that I am capable of all things when I use my heart as my guidance.

Favorite class in the College of Business and why: Integrated Market Communications. This course really taught me how to understand different marketing strategies for myself and my personal brand. Also, the course was able to teach me the importance of detail when it comes to understanding brand and marketing strategies. Professor Essing was a great help; I really enjoyed this course.

Most exciting MU experience: My most exciting experience at Mizzou was introducing my own clothing brand during my sophomore year and seeing many Mizzou students not only support the brand but actively wear the apparel at big events such as Homecoming.

Where I’m headed after graduation or dream job: After graduation, I will be headed to Houston to pursue my JD in corporate law. I will also pursue my MBA at the same time as the JD.

Favorite quote or saying: “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” — Malcolm X