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Image: Nicholas Cohn

The International Trade Center internship experience has not only made me a more attractive interview candidate, but it has given me a unique global mindset that will be lasting. Upon graduation I now plan on seek out job opportunities that have an international component to them.

Nicholas Cohn
MU ITC Summer 2018 Intern
Image: Dezirae Orozco

After seeing so much more of the world with my own eyes, I discovered the major opportunities in expanding business operations internationally. I felt that the best part of this internship was the fact that the hard work my teammates and I were doing mattered.

Dezirae Orozco
MU ITC Summer 2018 Intern
Image: Mackenzie Murray

Not only did the internship meet my expectations, it exceeded them. The program offered an opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to a real-world project.

Mackenzie Murray
MU ITC Summer 2018 Intern