Image: Study Abroad in South America

Study Abroad in Santiago, Chile & Buenos Aires, Argentina

December 27, 2019 – January 12, 2020

Program Highlights

  • Compare economies and business practices in two of South America’s developing countries.
  • Meet with managers and discuss international business during company visits
  • Attend lectures from Chilean and Argentinian professors on the economic and political histories of their countries.
  • Welcome in New Year South American-style on the beach in Valparaiso, Chile!
  • Earn three hours of MU course credit (no prerequisites required).
  • Open to all majorsNote: graduate students must get prior approval from the Graduate Programs Office.

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About This Program

This is an introductory international business course open to students of all backgrounds of study. The emphasis will be on understanding various issues in international business with a focus on South America and the area’s trading relationships in the global economy.

Undergraduate – MGMT 3901: Topics in Management – International Business, South America

  • 3 credit hours; graded S/U;  no prerequisites)
  • Business students: this course may be used to directly satisfy an elective requirement for BSBA graduation requirements. Consult with your academic advisor on any questions about how this course would satisfy your degree requirements.

Graduate – BUS_AD 8730: International Study Abroad – International Business, South America

  • 3 credit hours; graded S/U; graduate standing required
  • Graduate students will complete additional requirements for the elective credit (this will be explained in pre-departure classes). MBA and Accountancy students – consult your academic advisor on how this course would satisfy degree requirements
  • Note: these courses were designed by the Registrar’s Office as spring courses. Educational fees for three credit hours are costs you would normally see on your spring bill. Non-resident students will pay the usual non-resident fees. Actual fees for the spring semester are set by the Board of Curators during their April meeting. Let your academic advisor know if these three credits will put you over your maximum for spring. All students should check with their academic advisors on how this course would satisfy graduation and major area requirements.

The course will be conducted in two parts:

  1. Eight pre-departure classes at MU that will lay the groundwork for principles of international business with some focus on the business strategies and cultural dimensions of South America review information on the companies that will be visited and provide orientation to the host country, travel administration, and safety abroad
  2. A two-week international travel experience which includes experiential learning exercises, group discussions and presentations, and ten company visits. The ten visits are an essential part of the learning experience and allow students to discuss with company managers international business strategies in marketing, finance, and management. The schedule while abroad allows free time for sightseeing and visiting local cultural and historic sites.

Pre-departure classes at MU:

  • Pre-departure classes will be held beginning in October in Cornell Hall. This is a non-credit course in which you are required to enroll before the first pre-departure class to go on the program. You will not be charged any educational fees for this “course”.
    • Undergraduates: Business Administration (BUS_AD) _0556 – Class # 57996
    • Graduates: Business Administration (BUS_AD) _0585 – Class # 58032

Meeting schedule:

  • Tuesdays, October 8 – December 3, 2019
  • 6:00-8:30pm; 30 Cornell Hall

Note: You are required to attend every pre-departure class to prepare for the program, or you will not be allowed to participate in the program. Special circumstances may allow flexibility on this requirement but must be approved by the program director before the class absence. If you are dropped from the program due to non-attendance, you will be subject to the penalties listed under the Withdrawal Procedure & Penalties portion of this document.


  • You must be in good academic standing and have no current or past disciplinary sanctions.
  • Have a valid passport with an expiration date more than six months after the program return date.
  • Copy of all program passports due to Study Abroad office by October 8
  • Complete the online application process, including all necessary risk and release forms.
  • Meet the minimum health insurance requirements set by the University. As part of the program fee, you are enrolled in the University’s GeoBlue Health plan for the duration of the program. You must visit the GeoBlue website, print your ID card, and familiarize yourself with the plan and procedures for health emergencies.
  • Follow acceptable behavior outlined in the MU Student Conduct Manual and the MU Conditions of Program Participation and Program Acceptance contract through the Trulaske College of Business.


All lodging will be in four-star hotels and include all breakfasts.

Hotel Double Tree by Hilton Santiago

  • Avenida Vitacura 2727, Las Condes
  • Santiago Chile

Best Western Marina del Rey

  • Ecuador 299, Viña del Mar
  • Región de Valparaíso, Chile

Pestana Hotel, Buenos Aires

  • Carlos Pelligrini 877
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

December 27, 2019 – January 12, 2020

Itinerary is subject to change










Depart for Santiago, Chile / Overnight flight





Arrival in Santiago by 11:00 am. Bus transport from the airport to the hotel.

Check in at Hotel Doubletree Hilton in Santiago


Welcome coffee/snack

Santiago City Cultural Game





Breakfast at hotel – Morning Check-In

Cultural Activity

Museum of Human Rights

Group Welcome Dinner






Breakfast at hotel – Morning Check-In

Company visit

La Bicicleta Verde





Vina del Mar

Breakfast at Hotel – Morning Check-In

Travel to Vina del Mar, stopping at Vina Kingston for a company visit.

Check in to Best Western Marina del Rey

New Year’s Eve Dinner




Vina del Mar/


Breakfast at hotel – Morning Check-In

Walking Tour of Valparaiso

Free afternoon





/ Santiago

Breakfast at hotel – Morning Check-In

TCVAL Port Authority

Transfer to Santiago

Guest Lecture on Chilean Political History, Professor Loreto Navarrete





Breakfast at hotel – Morning Check-In

Company visit

Free afternoon for cultural exploration





Breakfast at hotel – Morning Check-In

Day trip to Lodge Andino

Chilean BBQ Program Lunch at Lodge

Free time/activities (hiking, horseback riding)




Santiago /

Buenos Aires

Breakfast at hotel – Morning Check-In

Group Transfer to airport for flight to Buenos Aires (flight included in program fee)

Check into Pestana Buenos Aires Hotel




Buenos Aires

Breakfast at hotel – Morning Check-In

Company visit

Buenos Aires city tour

Soccer stadium tour




Buenos Aires

Breakfast at hotel – Morning Check-In

Free Day




Buenos Aires

Breakfast at hotel – Morning Check-In

Grupo Los Grobo

Company visit




Buenos Aires

Breakfast at hotel – Morning Check-In


Guest lecture on Economic and Financial situation of Argentina by Professor Luis Ignacio Arguero




Buenos Aires

Breakfast at hotel – Morning Check-In

Free Day




Buenos Aires

Breakfast at hotel – Morning Check-In

Service Learning Project: Food Bank

Free afternoon

Group Farewell – Tango lessons/Dinner Show




Buenos Aires

Breakfast at hotel – Morning Check-In


Group transfer to airport for departure flights





Arrive in the U.S.


How to pay for Study Abroad

Student Financial Aid: This 3-credit hour course qualifies for financial aid. Before going to the Financial Aid Office (11 Jesse Hall), visit the Trulaske Study Abroad office (213 Cornell Hall) for the financial aid worksheet. It is highly recommended all students meet with their Financial Aid advisor to discuss paying for study abroad. ScholarshipsTrulaske Study Abroad Scholarship deadline: September 20. For additional scholarship opportunities visit the International Center for a list of available scholarships.

Student Planning Budget


Tuition (resident) (3 credit hours)


Tuition (non-resident) (3 credit hours)


Trulaske Business Course Fee


Technology Fee


Program Fee


MU International Center Study Abroad Fee




Estimated cost for Missouri residents


Estimated cost for non-residents



  1. The educational fees above will be billed to the student account on approximately December 15, 2019. Please note that these are estimates; actual fees for the Spring 2020 semester have not yet been established. Non-resident students will pay non-resident fees.

Expenses Included in Program Fee

  • Airfare from Santiago, Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • All airport transfers and ground transportation for company visits
  • Lodging for the trip duration, including all breakfasts in Santiago and Buenos Aires
  • Two group dinners: one in Santiago and one in Buenos Aires
  • MU GeoBlue Health Insurance coverage for the program duration (you must visit the GeoBlue website, print your ID card, and familiarize yourself with the plan and procedures for health emergencies) Note: in some cases, you may be required to pay out of pocket to receive services; this coverage allows you to submit claims for reimbursement by GeoBlue for any medical expenses incurred outside the U.S. while on the program
  • Airfare from U.S. to Santiago, Chile and returning to U.S. from Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Meals not included in the program fees, as noted on the itinerary
  • Educational fees – tuition and fees will be billed the same as a 3-credit hour undergraduate or graduate course taken in Spring 2020
  • Passport application or passport renewal fees
  • MU International Center study abroad fee includes MU support services for student emergencies during program, emergency evacuation and repatriation coordination, and pre-departure orientation
  • Optional personal expenses such as souvenirs, personal items, social outings, activities or excursions such as outdoor adventures or cultural visits, and city transportation to participate in non-program activities (subway, taxi, bus fares).
  • Additional insurance for trip modification, cancellation, or interruption due to health, safety, or similar concerns.

There are no withdrawal penalties until September 15, 2019. You must email the Student Services Coordinator ( documenting withdrawal from the program AND return to the online application to change status to WITHDRAWAL: Declined. The following schedule indicates program withdrawal fees that will be billed to the student account:

Amount Billed

Withdrawal After

$100 deposit

Application Date


September 15, 2019


October 25, 2019


November 25, 2019

$3,789 (full program fee)

December 1, 2019

The date of withdrawal notification is the date the notification email is sent to the Student Services Coordinator. Depending on the date you withdraw, the Study Abroad Office may not be able to get a refund from the vendor; your refund will be relative to the costs that can be recovered. If you have not been billed the program fee at the time of your withdrawal, you will be billed for any cancellation fees charged to the program.

You must have a valid passport with expiration date more than 6 months after program return date.

  • A copy of your passport is due to the Study Abroad office (213 Cornell) by October 8, 2019
  • U.S. citizens do not need a visa for visits to Argentina or Chile for up to 90 days of tourism
  • If you are not a U.S. citizen, check the country’s web page to determine if you need to apply for a tourist visa

I understand that in some special circumstances I may not receive full academic credit for the study abroad program for which I have applied. These circumstances include, but are not limited to:

  • Cancellation of the program due to circumstances beyond the control of the University of Missouri
  • A decision by the University, in its sole discretion, that cancellation of the program is appropriate based on health, safety, or similar circumstances
  • My inability to participate in or complete the program due to circumstances beyond the control of the University of Missouri
  • My dismissal from the program

I understand that in any of these circumstances, I will be refunded only those costs that can be recovered by the University of Missouri or the University’s partner program. If I have not been billed the program fee at the time of my withdrawal, I understand that I will be billed for any cancellation fees charged to the program.

The itinerary of this program may be modified by the Trulaske College of Business and/or the University of Missouri due to health, safety, or similar concerns. The withdrawal fees listed above will apply to students if this occurs. Transportation change fees and expenses will be the responsibility of the student.



  • Application Deadline: October 8
  • The program will accept up to 30 students.