Finance Seminar Series

Finance Seminars

10:30 a.m.-Noon

Fall 2019: 40 Cornell Hall

Spring 2020: 206 Cornell Hall

Time and location same for all seminars unless otherwise noted.

Seminars Coming Up

Seminars for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

Date Location Speaker
September 6 40 Cornell Hall Will Gerken, University of Kentucky
September 20 40 Cornell Hall Chris Neely, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
October 4 40 Cornell Hall Andy Puckett, University of Tennessee
October 18 40 Cornell Hall Robert Korajczyk, Northwestern University
November 8 40 Cornell Hall James Brown, Iowa State University
November 15 40 Cornell Hall Tong Yao, University of Iowa
February 21 206 Cornell Hall Andrei Goncalves, University of North Carolina
February 28 206 Cornell Hall Gjergji Cici, University of Kansas
April 3 206 Cornell Hall     Da Ke, University of South Carolina
April 17 206 Cornell Hall Felix Meschke, University of Kansas
May 1 206 Cornell Hall Junbo Wang, Louisiana State University
May 8 206 Cornell Hall Heitor Almedia, University of Illinois