Finance Seminar Series

The Department of Finance hosts a weekly research seminar in which faculty members, graduate students, and invited guest speakers discuss frontier academic research in finance. Although the format of these series varies, in general, they involve some or all of the following activities: informal discussions of recent research articles, research and publishing strategies, professional development, student and faculty research presentations, and visiting scholar presentations. Participation in the seminar/discussion series is considered an integral part of doctoral training. For more information about the seminar series, contact Matteo Binfarè or Michael Young.





August 25, 2023

Du Nguyen

University of Missouri - Brown Bag

September 8, 2023 Vishal Sharma University of Missouri - Brown Bag
September 15, 2023 Yang Bai University of Missouri - Brown Bag
September 22, 2023 Riccardo Colacito University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
September 29, 2023 Hong Liu Washington University in St. Louis
December 1, 2023 Zhi Da University of Notre Dame
December 8, 2023 Josh Lerner Harvard University
February 9, 2024 Shaun Davies University of Colorado, Boulder
February 16, 2024 Mariassunta Giannetti Stockholm School of Economics
April 5, 2024 Andrea Vedolin Boston University
April 12, 2024 Thomas Jandik University of Arkansas
April 19, 2024 Alexander Dyck University of Toronto