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Image: Brandon Lee

"What makes Mizzou special, is its people and the community. The resources and support is here if you take the initiative to seek them."

Brandon Lee
Crosby MBA Class of 2020
Image: Dave Gardner

"Choosing Mizzou for my education was a great decision! The concepts, frameworks, and methodologies I learned during my graduate programs are invaluable in my day-to-day work."

Dave Gardner
Crosby MBA Class & Health Sciences MHA 2023
Image: Danielle (Bauer) Harrison

"I am a solo entrepreneur and plan to continue that for the foreseeable future, so I am in charge of everything—marketing, sales, financial planning, compliance, accounting, strategy, and whatever else needs to be taken care."

Danielle (Bauer) Harrison
Crosby MBA Class of 2011
Image: Nate Kelly

"I have a very solid network of interesting people doing great things across industries as a result of my time at Mizzou; some are incredible friends I will hold dear for the rest of my life."

Nate Kelly
Crosby MBA Class of 2005
Image: Brett Calhoun

"I look forward to building tech companies with Mizzou and the Columbia community over the next decades."

Brett Calhoun
Crosby MBA Class 2020
Image: Caroline (Schulz) Murphy

"My advice to anyone struggling to decide if Mizzou is the right choice, please know that you will not be just a number, you will find a community, and you will definitely learn to say “ZOU!”"

Caroline (Schulz) Murphy
Crosby MBA Class of 2020
Image: Grant Fry

"I am where I am today because of the connections and exposure Mizzou provided."

Grant Fry
Trulaske Class of 2018 and Crosby MBA Class of 2020
Image: Aaron Wilkerson

"Mizzou greatly impacted who I am post-graduation.  The combination of knowledge that I attained, tools provided, and resources available through the business school has, in essence, made me who I am today."

Aaron Wilkerson
Trulaske Class of 2008 and Crosby MBA Class of 2010
Image: Brendan O'Toole

"Mizzou is special for so many reasons, not the least of which is the people who work tirelessly to build the sense of community that still resides within me today."

Brendan O'Toole
Trulaske Class of 2000 and Crosby MBA Class of 2002
Image: Dr. Martha Davis

"My connection to Mizzou extends across multiple generations, creating a rich personal history. With my grandfather attending law school and my parents and myself attending the university, Mizzou has always been interwoven into the fabric of our lives."

Dr. Martha Davis
Trulaske ExecMBA, Class of 2019 & Truman School of Public Affairs MPA, 2007