Image: Matthew Glendening

Matthew Glendening

Associate Professor and CBIZ MHM Faculty Scholar
333 Cornell Hall
Zoom 1:00-2:00 Tuesday and Thursday and/or by appointment

Matt Glendening is an associate professor of accountancy and CBIZ MHM Faculty Scholar. He teaches intermediate financial accounting and international accounting. His research focuses on financial reporting and corporate governance.


BA, Business Administration, University of Iowa, 2007; PhD, University of Iowa, 2012


Gleason, C. A., and M. Glendening. 2019. Lobbying and Opposition to SFAS No. 123(R): An Examination of Campaign Contributions from CEOs and PACs. Accounting Horizons (forthcoming).

Glendening, M., E. Mauldin, and K. Shaw. 2019. "Determinants and Consequences of Quantitative Critical Accounting Estimate Disclosures." The Accounting Review  In-Press.

Glendening, M. 2017. Critical Accounting Estimate Disclosures and the Predictive Value of Earnings. Accounting Horizons 31 (4): 1-12.

Glendening, M., I. Khurana, and W. Wang. 2016. The Market for Corporate Control and Dividend Policies: Cross-Country Evidence from M&A Laws. Journal of International Business Studies 47 (9): 1106-1134.