#MizzouMade: UMIG students visit Chicago firms

UMIG Students

Traveling to Chicago with the University of Missouri Investment Group to visit top investment banks, private equity firms, and businesses that work in high finance was truly an eye-opening experience. Many of us spend hours online researching companies attempting to learn about what they do, how they do it, and of course, what positions are open for new graduates. But, sitting in the boardrooms of these top companies and hearing from their current employees created a much deeper connection.

This is how I see it: Imagine staring at a map from a distance. Details such as towns, rivers, and roads are difficult to make out. As you step closer and closer, these details become apparent and finally, you begin to clearly see the whole landscape. As students, a full overview of the finance industry is a critical part of our educational foundation. It’s how we get a lay of the land. Trips like the UMIG’s visit to Chicago bring the details of our futures into clarity. When we returned back to campus, we were ready to more clearly outline our next steps with a career in high finance as our goal.

Additionally, the trip added value to the companies we visited because members of the UMIG are driven, capable, and ambitious students ready to apply to internships and full-time opportunities. We came ready to network and we showed off our Tiger stripes.

Going to Chicago was a tremendous experience and I look forward to watching other UMIG students do the same.

Wade Chipps
Senior in business with an emphasis in finance