International Trade Center interns support decision-making needs of area businesses

ITC Interns Spring 2023

Sixteen MU and Trulaske College of Business students interning with the MU International Trade Center shared findings from the semester-long global market research projects on April 27 and 28 with four Missouri and Illinois companies, each seeking to expand their sales internationally.

The students have completed extensive research to identify and evaluate international markets with sales potential for each participating company. Companies working with the International Trade Center this spring included: Diva Maker Hair Prosthetics  (Kansas City, MO), MSSC (Owensville, MO & Collinsville, IL), OTT Enterprises (St. Louis, MO) and Save the Girls Touch Screen Purses (Belleville, IL).

In comments shared with the students following the final presentation, Bill Foster, Founder and Managing Member of OTT Enterprises, said, "We were honored to be part of this project and were very much impressed with the work these fine students did for us. They gave us useful statistical analyses, actionable recommendations, and referrals. Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your educational journey."


Dive Maker Hair
From left to right: Clare Herrington, Hannah Nash, Sophy Silva and Begim Tokhirjonova
From left to right: Jordan Chaffee, Jackson Blackwell, Brennen Healy and Ronan Adkins with (on screen) MSSC President Mike Strope
OTT Enterprises
Pictured left to right, top: Lucas Hayes, Alec Centa and Nathan Fox. Left to right, bottom: OTT Enterprises Owners and Managing Members Bill Foster and Kathy Kuper, Mary Bransford.
ITC - Save the Girls
Left to right: Frank Pantoni, Nick Arciszewski, Nat Boos and Kit Krippner with (on screen) Save the Girls Touch Screen Purses Founder Tami Lange