Camp Trulaske’s third year sees biggest attendance

Images: Camp Trulaske 2019

The Trulaske College of Business’s third annual and largest Camp Trulaske event, held at the Lake of the Ozarks began August 23. Incoming freshmen and transfer students embark on a weekend full of structured water and land activities, challenges and fun. The weekend is designed to introduce those new to the college to one another, upperclassmen, the Trulaske College of Business and Mizzou, by catalyzing their social experiences, expanding their networks and helping them become more well-rounded and involved students. It is also part of Trulaske’s larger strategic initiative of improving students’ experiences by providing a growing list of enrichment programs that eventually culminate student into lifelong learners.

One of the keyways the program contributes to students’ success is the opportunity it provides campers to connect with upperclassmen. Hope Dorsey, one of four of this year’s Camp Trulaske Directors and a marketing senior, said the interaction with older students was one of the most valuable takeaways she had as a camper, and she hopes to provide that experience to incoming students.

“I know how beneficial it was for me to have upperclassmen take notice and invest in me right off the bat,” Hope said. “It is so awesome to have someone help you figure out what to get involved in, form good habits in college, give advice on how to study and make you feel that instant connection. It makes incoming students feel that they are a part of this big family as soon as they come in as freshmen.”

Over the weekend, students stay in cabins, have their meals provided and are given a choice of activities to participate in, ranging from tubing, to ropes courses, to volleyball, to kayaking.  Each camper is placed in a team with other campers and counselors and is asked to compete in a series of challenges against other teams, with activities designed to bolster comradery, bonding, network building and trust.

“I really enjoyed the high ropes course, and it’s kind of a classic team builder. You have to trust people, and trust is a very important thing within business and also relationships in general,” said freshman Hunter Bernardi. “Having to trust the friends that you just made, to make sure that you don’t fall off of high structures, is a good way to bond, for sure.”

The college offers students many opportunities for enrichment, however, Camp Trulaske is uniquely positioned to help those interested in starting their college experience off on the right foot.

Story by Seabrook Omura

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