Building Competencies

Image - CGBP Training information with photo to the right of people working together in office

Seeking to enhance the import and export skills of employees and better position Missouri and U.S. companies to be successful in today’s global market, the MU International Trade Center annually hosts a Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) Training session annually targeted at company representatives, trade community members and students seeking to secure the CGBP credential.  In August 2023, 22 trade professionals and nine students from across the country and around the world joined us for this training. Conflicts associated with distance and travel were eliminated with an event conveniently offered on Zoom. Training dates for 2024 have been set for August 6-9.

Supported by NASBITE International, the CGBP credential confirms knowledge in international trade and assures that certified individuals are able to practice global business at the professional level required in today’s competitive environment. The CGBP credential raises the level of practice in the field, provides professional development goals for credential holders and showcases competency. The NASBITE CGBP certifies that a candidate is competent in the following four area of global trade:

1.   Global Business Management

2.   Global Marketing

3.   Supply Chain Management

4.   Trade Finance  

Attending the CGBP Exam Prep training hosted by the MU International Trade Center better positions candidates for success in passing the CGBP exam. The training provides a great overview of the core elements of international trade that businesses and trade professions competing in the world of international business should be aware of.

As shared by 2023 training attendee Jeremiah Ojo, Owner or Creative Milieu, LLC (New York): The instructor (Jim Foley’s) dynamic and enthusiastic way of delivering the material and the MU ITC staff’s keen attention to detail, supplementary notes and resources made the three-day virtual training manageable and enjoyable! So glad I signed up for the training course, as I feel much more prepared to study and do well on the exam. This training is a must.

Make plans to join us virtually for CGBP Exam Prep Training at the University of Missouri - August 6-9, 2024.