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Adam Yore

Assistant Professor
Cornell Hall
(573) 884-1446
B.S.B.A. in Decision and Information Science - University of Florida (2002)
M.B.A. in Financial Markets and Institutions / Leadership - University of South Florida (2004)
Ph.D. in Finance - Drexel University (2009)



Journal Articles

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Silverback CEOs: Age, Experience, and Firm Value, w/ Brandon N. Cline at Mississippi State University, Journal of Empirical Finance, (2016) Vol. 35, pp. 169-188.

“I Do”: Does Marital Status Affect How Much CEOs “Do”?, w/ Gina Nicolosi at Northern Illinois University, Financial Review, (2015) Vol. 50, pp. 57-87.

CEO Deal-Making Activities and Compensation, w/ Eliezer M. Fich at Drexel University and Laura T. Starks at the University of Texas at Austin, Journal of Financial Economics, (2014) Vol. 114, Issue 3, pp. 471–492.

Exploitation of the Internal Capital Market and the Avoidance of Outside Monitoring, w/ Brandon N. Cline and Jacqueline L. Garner at Mississippi State University, Journal of Corporate Finance, (2014) Vol. 25, pp. 234-250.