A View from the Top: Diversity & Inclusion and their Impact on Organizational Success

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Inclusion, diversity and equity (IDE) are integral parts of organizational success. Many companies have invested in IDE and understand the competitive edge that can be gained, while others are just beginning their journey.

There is a significant body of research demonstrating the positive outcomes of effective IDE integration. Research suggests that there is a clear connection between diversity with inclusive leadership and innovation, growth, engagement and organizational performance. But diversity alone is not enough. Organizational leadership must drive inclusion to achieve the desired organizational and individual growth and performance. Most organizations understand the positive effects of creating a diverse and inclusive culture, but still fall short of their goals.

In “A View from the Top: Diversity & Inclusion and their Impact on Organizational Success,” participants will have an opportunity to connect with diverse executives, who will discuss their unique professional journeys and explain how integrating inclusion, diversity and equity has benefited their organizational performance.



Lathon Ferguson

Lathon Ferguson, Moderator

Director of Advancement, Corporate Relations

Trulaske College of Business







Orvin Kimbrough

Orvin Kimbrough

Chairman and CEO

Midwest BankCentre







Irasa Downing

Irasa Downing 

Principal, Human Resources

Edward Jones








Kevin Bryant

Kevin Bryant

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer








Claudia Coleman

Claudia Coleman

Assistant Vice President of National Consumer Dispatch









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