BKD Live: St. Louis - Virtual Open House

You can access virtual link in Handshake

Virtual Session

Any Handshake student with a link to this event can view and RSVP

Please join us for a virtual open house of our BKD office. We will not only showcase our office and its space, but the city itself, and staff who live and work there.

Zoom link will be sent out after registration via Eventbrite or by following this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bkd-live-st-louis-mo-tickets-118515556219

What is BKD Live?

BKD Live is a virtual event that will take place on different dates for different offices across the nation. These BKD offices featured will showcase their space, their culture, their city, and their BKDers at those offices. Think of a virtual open house for any students, faculty, or staff interested in different office locations.