African-American Business and Community Development in St. Louis, 1765 to the Present

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Shortly after the French founded the city of St. Louis in 1764, people of African descent learned how to navigate economic and social marginalization to create thriving businesses and dynamic communities.

Dr. Miller Boyd

Dr. Miller W. Boyd, III, will join us to briefly survey the evolution of black business and community development in St. Louis from 1765 until the present.

Dr. Boyd focuses his research areas on 18th and 19th century African-American history; Civil War history; race, identity and slavery in the American Gulf Coast; African-American 19th century labor history; and Atlantic world history. He holds a doctorate from the University of Mississippi, a master’s degree from Boston University and a bachelor’s degree from Xavier University of Louisiana. He currently serves as a ninth grade social studies teacher at Whitfield School in St. Louis.

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